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You Talk To Us 

We Talk To You 

Phase 2: Observe & Admit: Discover Past Choices

Now you’ve been through your home as a “stranger”.  You’ve seen it (and everything in it) through those objective eyes.  Well, it’s time to do it all over again through your own eyes.  GULP, Deep breath!    

In conjunction with the notes you took about who lives in the house, constructed purely by the things you saw there, it’s time to see if the narrative you pieced together matches you!...

Phase: 1 Detach & Spy:  Part 2 Espionage

So that happened!  If you started Phase One: Part One - Yay!   If you’re doing a “let’s don’t and say we did” thing?  That’s better than nothing.  At least your reading about a process can inform and bring the idea of personal reinvention to the forefront.  That’s still a positive start.  

Before we move on to the next phase, I’d like to address some of new thoughts that we know come...

  What a year.  I've been hammered with emails about my opinion on everything that's been going on in this country.  Worse,  I'm getting shame finger wags for staying so quiet--especially as what's unfolding pertains so directly to the almost decades-old RightSIZE UP message. There, it was predicted (only based on facts and history, not personal opinion) that we were about to experience a huge seismic shift in our culture.  Don't say I didn't warn yah!  LOL....

I started my own career, as a child prodigy so I was out in the big bad world well before it was probably healthy. It did however give me an early and profound understanding that we come her alone from who knows where and leave here alone to more parts just as unknown.  In short we are all total aliens to the miracle of human experience. 

We get no handbook.  Naked with no ability to communicate and without even the opportunity to name or explain our selves everyone on th...

February 9, 2016

The truth is, we stop really "seeing" what's in our homes after awhile. In those brief moments of clarity when we do, the idea of changing anything means we actually have to make some serious choices.  It's not just one thing that has to be considered either.  Often it becomes this ridiculous domino effect, right? Like a house of cards, one consideration leads to many.  When you're tired, distracted and feeling vulnerable, needy and dinner is STILL not on the table, it's the...

After Shout Out, OxyClean, bleach and a toothbrush, frayed at the collar though it may always now be, it was hot and blinding white once again and now lavender scented as I returned it back to the wooden peg next to the kiva fireplace in my bedroom.

There it was when I awoke this morning. Like an Andrew Wyeth still life, fresh and ceremonial and personal against the polished adobe plaster.

I greeted it like an old purified friend, ready to bundle me up for the blurry toddle to...

December 4, 2015

I don’t have children, so this could seem like a ‘loaded gun’ topic for a non-parent. However, I do know, having talked to many kids (including in my own family), having done shows on the topic and having been an odd child myself, that getting out into the world is no longer that cut and dry, sink or swim proposition it once was. Fear is fear, and it breeds with either not enough information or way too much of it at the wrong time, manifesting in two entirely different ways.


October 28, 2015

Well, the dialogue is not that much different then when a divorce happens.  It’s not the kid’s fault, and that has to be stressed if you’re no longer going to be WITH the kids.  But then, I’m not sure what’s really behind your question.  If it’s simply about telling your children that it’s time for a change, which includes them and the family, then that’s the time that you have the conversation about what reinvention actually means and why it’s so vital to every human’s growt...

August 19, 2015

People thought I was nuts while all hell seemed to be unleashed all at once. But I have seen this before.  No, not the dust bowl Grapes of Wrath… I’m not THAT old.  But I do watch a lot of old movies, and that one just recently.

Everything we Americans knew and took for granted went up on the chopping block.  Homes foreclosed. Suddenly real estate investments that had been the solid American dream were no longer.  Jobs evaporated and many Americans felt humiliation and sh...

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