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You Talk To Us 

We Talk To You 

Stuff for the new life....wait! What Life? 

By now, it’s like…you don’t need to tell me!  I get it!

Yep far more comes up in the purging process then we’d ever imagine.  Bottom line: It’s actually not only about the stuff at all. Because what comes up the most, is fear.  Not like, “Carrie and the bucket of blood,” kind of fear, no it’s an “Oh s**t, what am I actually doing this for?”  Or,  “I can’t face this right now.”

Face what...

June 26, 2019

What stays and what goes is determined by which life you’re willing to commit to.

The purging process continues now that you’ve hopefully removed the obvious stuff that you know full well you won’t ever use again or worse haven’t even seen in well over a year…if not longer.  You’ve probably freed up a bit of space by now – just enough to glimpse how much more room you have then you thought.   

Hopefully your getting into the rhythm of starting to get those full t...

Physical Clutter = Emotional Apathy

Let’s review...shall we? 

So you’ve been through you’re home tour twice now.  You’ve seen the collected stuff first, through the eyes of a stranger to determine if the narrative still matches who YOU are now—today.  

You’ve then been through your home yet another time with the rose colored glasses off.  Just remember, if purging was completely unemotional, than everyone would do it, and do it often. That’s why it’s not about simply r...

Phase 2: Observe & Admit: Discover Past Choices

Now you’ve been through your home as a “stranger”.  You’ve seen it (and everything in it) through those objective eyes.  Well, it’s time to do it all over again through your own eyes.  GULP, Deep breath!    

In conjunction with the notes you took about who lives in the house, constructed purely by the things you saw there, it’s time to see if the narrative you pieced together matches you!...

Phase: 1 Detach & Spy:  Part 2 Espionage

So that happened!  If you started Phase One: Part One - Yay!   If you’re doing a “let’s don’t and say we did” thing?  That’s better than nothing.  At least your reading about a process can inform and bring the idea of personal reinvention to the forefront.  That’s still a positive start.  

Before we move on to the next phase, I’d like to address some of new thoughts that we know come...

April 28, 2019

The Life-changing 8-part Series, Begins NOW! 

Phase 1 Detach & Spy:  Part 1 Espionage 

Ok everyone…here we go!   

So the bad news about phase one of the RightSIZING process is that it can feel like starting yet anther diet.  Ugh! You have high hopes but deep down, very little faith.  You decide not to broadcast that you’re going to try to lose weight again as a precaution to failing AGAIN.  This time, you tell yourself, “It’s a quiet thing. It’s between me an...

According to Google analytics increasingly the number of clicks once directed to self-help are now being redirected to searches about “alternative lifestyles.”   

This makes perfect sense since what folks are really saying is,  “I’m suffering from enlightenment fatigue, enough already with the multi-level spiritual plains, the inner meditative dimensions…and the journaling.   I’ve Super Soul Sunday-ed myself into oblivion. Just give me something tangible that I can really...

In today’s environment of balls-out information overload it’s so easy to idealize the past as a time when everything seemed to make more sense.  Did it? …Really?  

Full confession…I’d watch even BAD old black and white movies because they made me feel good. People were nice, polite and kindness ruled. The good guys and the bad guys were clearly defined and the lifestyles? OMG, in the hands of the highly skilled Hollywood set, custom and lighting designers, were...

  What a year.  I've been hammered with emails about my opinion on everything that's been going on in this country.  Worse,  I'm getting shame finger wags for staying so quiet--especially as what's unfolding pertains so directly to the almost decades-old RightSIZE UP message. There, it was predicted (only based on facts and history, not personal opinion) that we were about to experience a huge seismic shift in our culture.  Don't say I didn't warn yah!  LOL....

Navigating the world of Thrift, Consignment and Flea!  

Once I’d committed to diving into the world of thrift, consignment and flea markets, for all the right reasons, I began to realize that what I’d learned RightSIZING came more into play there, than anywhere else.  When the price is super cheap, compounded by the threat of knowing it won’t be there tomorrow the impulse-buy trigger shoots through the roof! 

So the good news is that with a focused eye you really...

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