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You Talk To Us 

We Talk To You 

Phase: 1 Detach & Spy:  Part 2 Espionage

So that happened!  If you started Phase One: Part One - Yay!   If you’re doing a “let’s don’t and say we did” thing?  That’s better than nothing.  At least your reading about a process can inform and bring the idea of personal reinvention to the forefront.  That’s still a positive start.  

Before we move on to the next phase, I’d like to address some of new thoughts that we know come...

According to Google analytics increasingly the number of clicks once directed to self-help are now being redirected to searches about “alternative lifestyles.”   

This makes perfect sense since what folks are really saying is,  “I’m suffering from enlightenment fatigue, enough already with the multi-level spiritual plains, the inner meditative dimensions…and the journaling.   I’ve Super Soul Sunday-ed myself into oblivion. Just give me something tangible that I can really...


Finally the five star hotel suite experience is trickling into everyday home life, and it's about time. Designers like me have been creating luxurious experiences for clients for years, such as the SHADE Hotel I created in Manhattan Beach California which quickly became home to A-listers like Brad Pitt, Cameron Diaz and Johnny Depp.  

Frankly there's nothing I did there that I haven't done in hundreds of houses except charge $1,200.00 a night LOL.  

Increasingly, as more...

December 27, 2017

This applies to the stuff we collect around us, which often mirrors that life.  It’s so easy to walk into someone else’s house and know right off the bat, what should stay

and what should go because none of it is ours. With no emotional attachments, the decisions are obvious and easy. But when it’s our stuff, it’s a whole different ball game, isn’t it? Below are a few random subjects I hear a lot. I've addressed them in no particular order of importance. 

Why We don't purge...

December 27, 2017

While, at some point, it will get down to crunching hard dollars, trust me, there

will never be a bottom line that will ever be

enough to purchase the right frame of mind. This is something you’ll have to bring to the table yourself.  If your only motivation is to live cheaper, that’s not enough.  Sure. when you pare down to your physical essentials, it is without question, a cheaper lifestyle.  Until you begin to understand the currency of the real intangibles, you’ll never r...

To RightSIZE is a completely different and more positive act.  It’s you telling yourself that you're going to shed the tonnage of stuff; that has robbed you of a kind

of fluid mobility you really want now.  

Downsizing is often the frustrating logistical act of trying to cram a big unfocused life into smaller square footage.  Whereas RightSIZING is the thoughtful process of living with only that which you love, frequently use or when gaze upon it, its being there moves and ins...

By now you've seen the words RightSIZE UP plastered in a lot of places here on the LowellHOME pages. That's because I'd have never stepped out of the shadows, where I love being and return back to the public eye had it not been for the remarkable 6 years I spent writing my latest (7th) book...you guest it..RightSIZE UP.

For awhile I'd entertained publishing the new book through the same traditional channels I'd always had.  In fact, it was on many of those national booking si...

April 28, 2017

Hey All,

Boy what an amazing few months!  After so many years of work developing the RightSIZE UP project, gathering and tracking all the ever-changing statistics about "us" it's been such an eye-opener and indeed a revelation first to me and now, thank God, to those in our workshops.  To watch the RightSIZE UP program connect so profoundly has been a blessing, a gift and the culmination of a lifetime's work.

The conversation about "quality of life" continues to explode as...

February 9, 2016

The truth is, we stop really "seeing" what's in our homes after awhile. In those brief moments of clarity when we do, the idea of changing anything means we actually have to make some serious choices.  It's not just one thing that has to be considered either.  Often it becomes this ridiculous domino effect, right? Like a house of cards, one consideration leads to many.  When you're tired, distracted and feeling vulnerable, needy and dinner is STILL not on the table, it's the...

October 28, 2015

Well, the dialogue is not that much different then when a divorce happens.  It’s not the kid’s fault, and that has to be stressed if you’re no longer going to be WITH the kids.  But then, I’m not sure what’s really behind your question.  If it’s simply about telling your children that it’s time for a change, which includes them and the family, then that’s the time that you have the conversation about what reinvention actually means and why it’s so vital to every human’s growt...

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