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You Talk To Us 

We Talk To You 

Physical Clutter = Emotional Apathy

Let’s review...shall we? 

So you’ve been through you’re home tour twice now.  You’ve seen the collected stuff first, through the eyes of a stranger to determine if the narrative still matches who YOU are now—today.  

You’ve then been through your home yet another time with the rose colored glasses off.  Just remember, if purging was completely unemotional, than everyone would do it, and do it often. That’s why it’s not about simply r...

Phase: 1 Detach & Spy:  Part 2 Espionage

So that happened!  If you started Phase One: Part One - Yay!   If you’re doing a “let’s don’t and say we did” thing?  That’s better than nothing.  At least your reading about a process can inform and bring the idea of personal reinvention to the forefront.  That’s still a positive start.  

Before we move on to the next phase, I’d like to address some of new thoughts that we know come...

April 28, 2019

The Life-changing 8-part Series, Begins NOW! 

Phase 1 Detach & Spy:  Part 1 Espionage 

Ok everyone…here we go!   

So the bad news about phase one of the RightSIZING process is that it can feel like starting yet anther diet.  Ugh! You have high hopes but deep down, very little faith.  You decide not to broadcast that you’re going to try to lose weight again as a precaution to failing AGAIN.  This time, you tell yourself, “It’s a quiet thing. It’s between me an...

According to Google analytics increasingly the number of clicks once directed to self-help are now being redirected to searches about “alternative lifestyles.”   

This makes perfect sense since what folks are really saying is,  “I’m suffering from enlightenment fatigue, enough already with the multi-level spiritual plains, the inner meditative dimensions…and the journaling.   I’ve Super Soul Sunday-ed myself into oblivion. Just give me something tangible that I can really...


To know for sure requires some

intentional inventorying. The rechoosing process is different for everyone but no less complex, yet ultimately rewards are the same. The process of moving towards more Intentional living is to re-choose what those new essentials are now.  What leaks out, and what lifts up. 

The question is do all the things we still own today, have the same reason for being there as when we originally dragged them in under our roof?   

That’s a qu...

September 13, 2016

While I’d been preaching the virtues of intentional living every day to everyone else, I discovered, when it came time to reinvent myself again, that I’d not been paying attention to my own accumulation.  Up until I created the TV show, I’d always lived a somewhat monastic lifestyle in the arts, being a firm believer that he who has less travels farthest.  As a result, I’d had an amazing life thus far.

Now, with two homes in LA, a production studio, a marketing company an...

August 17, 2016

While I’d never thought I did anything creative purely for money or worldly gain, I became acutely aware, over time,  just how much "success" had inadvertently motivated far more of my artistic ideas than I’d thought.  I’d always been a realist, and so proud that I was as versed in right brain matter as much as left brain stuff.  

I’d spent much time working with other artists who typically were naive regarding business and marketing of their ideas.  I’d tell them ov...

We all do it.  We postpone, put off and habitually ignore. We then rationalize procrastination as everything but what it really is...apathy. We tell ourselves that it's because we don't have time, when in truth, we're the ones who regulate where we'll spend our hours.  We tell ourselves that we don't know how, yet we're then ones who decide what we learn.  We tell ourselves that it's uncomfortable when we know the truth that not doing something about it could, in the end, mut...

We as humans can't get through any kind of time span here, without getting dinged up a bit...hurt actually.  We learn early that a human shell is the only way to survive. The only way to protect our spiritual Self, within. Over time, we begin to live two lives.  The one we show the world, and the one we protect, and only reveal when we feel safe.  The problem is, really feeling safe, gets harder and harder as we age, when it logically should become easier.  It's a case of kno...

March 26, 2016

You know how important I feel it is to never let life happen without intention, but to take charge and make it happen. Setting the groundwork for each new phases of one’s life is essential if the true desire is to continue to live a meaningful existence. By "meaningful" I mean one that continues to challenge and educate versus keeping us trapped in old comfort zones.

Today, we watch others reinvent all the time now. In a social media-driven world we are bombarded with personal...

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