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You Talk To Us 

We Talk To You 

beforeyou shop

Be gut honest in terms of your real lifestye,


How many people are you realistically looking to accomodate? As we reinvent our lives, we need to tell ourselves the whole truth. I have made the mistake of not doing so.  I thought when I reinvented, that I’d make more friends and be more social because I thought it would be good for me. Yet, my intrinsic nature didn’t change. 


I had to come to terms that while I had the fantasy of having a house full of amazing people, I really didn’t know enough of them or more truthful, didn’t have the interest of cultivating and maintaining those friendships just to have a dinner party.  My Achilles heal was cooking—I love to feed people but even then I still didn’t relish the cocktail chit-chat, pre dinner thing.  So I mistakenly had a room that accommodated at least ten people, when in truth, out side of maybe twice a year, I only entertained max, five people at a time.  I realized that in reality, I’m a one-on-one dude or maybe two couples and a stray at best.  Meanwhile I was paying for a fantasy that wasn’t real in terms of square feet and all the furnishings. So don’t let this happen to you.  That’s a bad downsize not a correct RightSIZE!  

I’ll be adding categories and talking about how to shop for your new essentials on an ongoing basis. So keep checking back as I eventually get to all the elements that create a bigger quality of life in smaller more maintenance-free environments.  

Your not just choosing a sofa, your picking what will be a new lifestyle essential as you reinvent. How long do you need it to last? How many people are you really accommodating at this new phase of your life? Only then are you ready to shop.

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