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There’s no better way to meet and connect with others like yourself then to create with them.  Our classes are just as much about the social creativity as it is about the finished product.  The classes provide everyone with a common denominator and focus thus eliminated the often-awkward icebreaking chit-chat phase.  Not everyone is particularly comfortable or good at the art of conversation especially in the beginning before trust is built.  I’m not!  However, don’t be fooled. Believe me there are far more introverts (like me) then extroverts these days. But that’s a good thing.  Introverts are often more sensitive, creative, thoughtful and discerning.  They tend to respect boundaries and privacy better than the “anything goes” social butterfly.  So I'll do my best to keep the sanity and make sure everyone has fun.  Because, what I know to be true is, if you're not laughing you're not learning!

Classes and Workshops can include (but not limited to):






Marbleizing is by far one of the most popular of all the faux finishes. It’s also a really fun way to transform any object or surface into something special and one-of-a- kind.   


Once you learn to marbleize, you can do it on anything…be it a charger plate, wooden candle sticks, picture frames or a covered box.  And don’t forget about architectural 'moments' in your home too.  A countertop, a fireplace mantle, a floor or frankly anything paintable can easily be transformed.  My marbleizing technique is far easier to master then the traditional method that calls for oil based paints and get this…turkey feathers!  Seriously? 

My technique uses ordinary interior house paint, a single small paint brush and a small artist brush.  Add a final few coats of water base polyurethane and ta-da, you're done. We can even use the paint color pallet from the interior paint colors we choose for you in Layer number one.  How easy is that?  


While classic green and black marble is fine for small areas and objects, today what's more in vogue (and more versatile) are the softer stone affects that now grace some of the best new homes being built today.

Shopping Sprees:



From time to time we’ll do shopping field trips to show you how to navigate those tricky big box stores.  It’s a lot of fun.  It gets you armed and ready to find what you really need and more importantly step away from what you don’t.   


We'll show you cool things like how to really shop for, say, a bed ensemble.  How to pick out a sofa you’ll really be happy with.  How to stay clear of prints and patterns that could build trendy fabrics into your home in areas that will too-quickly date the room and put you way over budget later.  More importantly, we'll show you how to be really clever using things in different ways to create a big look on a tiny budget. 


Room Recipe slides 6 .jpg




While we so appreciate many of you signing up for our group classes, the timing just couldn't be worse. Right?

Sadly due to new state laws, we are forced to postpone any group classes until further notice. Many of you have already been notified. However if we missed anyone please contact us 



We will recontact you all via email notice the moment it's considered safe to begin the classes again.

Thrift & Consignment Tours:

You’d be shocked at what you can find in today’s thrift or consignment stores. OMG!  However, you have to train your eye to see the treasures in the trash, so to speak.  


We’ll get you prepped on how these operations work and when to wheel and deal with total confidence.  These venues have become a very important new sector of retail for many reasons. First of all, they offer a kind of unique quality we'll never see again. Secondly, by up-cycling, we're doing something great for the environment.  Lastly, things found at these places (if you know what to look for) make creating a unique, well-curated eclectic design (that's totally unique to you)--so much easier for those who are a bit tired of the Pottery Barn/Ikea/Pier 1 look that seems to be in everyone else's home.  LOL

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In-Home Entertaining 

Prep & Party

After years of teaching folks how to make their homes a more accurate reflection of themselves, we discovered that for the first time, they actually wanted to show it off.  Problem was, they didn’t know how.   


At a time when you’ve suddenly volunteered to put yourself under the microscope and let people in your front door, anxiety goes off the charts.  For most of us, we just want things to me nice.  Right?  Problem is we then panic. We overdo and “nice” ends up going way over the top and that’s really awkward for everyone involved.  Or worse, we start planning and then end up talking ourselves right out of it.  So we end up doing nothing at all. 

For this reason, I wrote my best-seller, The Hassle-Free Host.  It’s the tricks of the trade distilled down into super simple, stress-free recipes and table settings that makes the first-time host look like a real (relaxed and confident) pro.    With a heavy emphasis on “casual Chic” our classes are super fun, really educational and best of all we all sit down and enjoy the fruits of our learned labors.  


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All classes, special events updates, and invitations are by email only so please be sure you're on our mailing list if interested.  You can sign up by simply sending us the following form below.  Just fill out the first three (*) fields and press SEND.  It's that simple.  

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