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...Just Let Me FINISH!


Yup, we're brother and sister.  



We share the same birthday. Even thought I was born very pre-mature, somehow we ended up coming here on the same calendar day.  



For all intents and purposes, we're soul twins. We have been emailing each other at about 4:45 AM every morning for years,  



It's how we start our day.  We're each other's cheerleaders, defenders, and unconditional supporters.  See, emailing prevents us from interrupting each other!  



"Like minds" are one thing, but we can't help finishing each other's sentences....



....and so far we haven't been able to get through a single phone conversation without....


Laura:Christopher:L of us demanding,


Laura: Christopher:

OMG...Will You JUST Let Me FINISH!  


Hence the name of our new podcast.

Text bybbles _edited.jpg
Text bybbles _edited.jpg
Morning Brother,  
Morning Sis,  

About the show (and how it happened):

"Just let Me Finish!" is a collection of spontaneous conversations between two kindred siblings different than my sister and I do even single morning (with our first coup of coffee) before the sun come's up.   In these crazy and often isolating times, we all need a sounding board we trust to vent, escapeconfess, giggle and be snarky  with...  Then, ultimately drop the poor me stuff, re-find the irony in the madness along with the breadcrumbs that lead us back to the grateful "safe" place.  Nothing like beginning one's day with a bit of unconditional (sometimes frustrating as hell) love.  
Just Let Me Finish  about nothing and everything you've come to expect from Christopher plus a whole lot more.  
Of course we'll always touch on home design, and feathering the nest on a dime. Only this time it's within a whole new lifestyle context since everything we once knew is changing or vanishing altogether. Therefor we have to tackle the other things that influence the decisions we will now make behind our front doors.  Sis and I talk a lot about global issues,  entertainment, relationships, sexual gender identity and any other stuff we both connect with.  Now, We hope you connect with us too. 

The idea for the show came totally from left field, as most inspirations do.  In 2006-8, in addition to the TV show, I had my own national radio show for several years, called Design On Living With Christopher Lowell.  Laura was an on-air producer and handled all the viewer mail traffic since she was head of CL Communications world-wide.  We both loved the experience and it was very well received (even when no one at the time thought you could do an interior design show on the radio.  I know that was not the case since I had done thousands of radio gigs all across the country for years).   When I left TV I left all media except for my website. That was that!  Bah-bye now.  

It wasn't until COVID hit, and then everything else bashed the bejesus out of us all at the same time, 
that the average flow of letters and emails I received went from a manageable few hundred a month to literally thousands.  Surprisingly, only about one fourth of them were even remotely design based.  Instead, our amazing audience, who are smart, literate, compassionate readers and great writers themselves, wanted to hear what I had to say about all that was happening.  While I tried my best to stay above the Frey and not burden my blogs with even more divisive politics, I began writing a whole lot more about the human condition itself and Laura was my rudder.  She warned me not to be preachy or go down any political rabbit holes I might later regret.
Suddenly our daily emails became a back-and-fourth dialogue of exactly what that all meant.  And that's when I said, "too bad folks aren't reading our morning emails."   So I tested the waters with a blog called: A matter of Balance actually using my sister's words as part of the narrative.  Pow! It hit huge and stunned us both.  Finally I said, "we need to talk about this stuff in a better, easier, less fear-based and lighter way.  --Where it's not me writing a somber essay, but also includes our humor and a sense of totally irony. Plus if we can put lifestyle into a far more relevant context (beyond throw pillows) that includes where we are now, it could be a platform for many to chime in and feel the power of their own voices and their personal creativity too."   So that's where we'll start.  


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Latest Podcast


Listen Here:

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This image of Laura and I was taken in LA in 2007 while we were both working day and night on The Christopher Lowell Show. A few days later Laura would be my date for yet another Emmy awards show.  We're a lot older now of course, and there are plenty of recent photos and videos of me on this site which make me gasp! You can only move a camera back so far!

But good luck finding new ones of my sister!

I still think she's beautiful and so does her husband and anyone who knows her adores this amazing human being.  But you know how women are? --Or should I say, the ridiculous standards females past 50 are STILL held to in this country. Oh yah, it will be a major talking point in our podcast.  Brace yourselves!  Laura is not a vain person by any means, but I can tell you, for a vey long time she was also a raging beauty. She could never figure out why men tripped over themselves or got tong-tied everywhere she went. Which made her even more intoxicating.  Nevertheless, she only agreed to be my co-host as long as it was voice only.  

Believe me, being in the public eye as much as I was, I can honestly say that I too am now moving into the category of "He's got a face for radio".  But as we've all finally come to realize, the spirit is eternal Thank God.  Laura and I are spiritually younger and more relevant now than we've ever been.  As you'll soon find out, we're wiser and more passionate about our individual perspectives, than ever. Let's just hope we can get through each podcast letting each other finish our sentences.  At least we'll have no problem remembering the name of the show.  "Just let me finish!" dang it all! 



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