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These sessions with Christopher are to create a room recipe that will help you zero in on the style you want.  Once established, paint, fabrics and surface elements are chosen which you'll ultimately photograph with your smartphone so they're always with you as you begin shopping.  Here's how it works:

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Finding Your Style




The Lifestyle Lab is intentionally set up to help you get to your personal style as quickly as possible.


The first part of the lab is set up with easy to understand displays, broken down into four super simple but stunning lifestyle categories.   TOWN, COUNTRY, CITY & SHORE.









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You’ll see several combinations in each lifestyle category along with fabrics and paint colors all completely precoordinated for you as an inspirational launching point.  From there we begin to customize a unique look specifically geared to your personal taste.  So no roaming aisles or staring at a bazillion paint samples.   I’ve done all the work for you.  Cool!  Right?


Before your first visit you might also want to check out my COLOR COURAGE PAGE.

Room Recipe slides 1.jpg

Building Your Room Recipe




Just because we've canceled our group classes (see below), doesn't mean we're not continuing our private one-on-one consultations as long as you're comfortable meeting.


We will of course take all the necessary precautions. 




While we so appreciate many of you signing up for our group classes, the timing just couldn't be worse. Right?

Sadly due to new state laws, we are forced to postpone any group classes until further notice. Many of you have already been notified. However if we missed anyone please contact us 



Room Recipe slides 1.jpg

Have an exploratory look (below) at how to book your appointment.  Don't worry, you don't have to purchase a thing to unless you want to.

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Now the real fun begins. Together we start building your room recipe one element at a time.  We select elements that I know for sure (in the hands of the amateur do-it-yourselfer) will look like you actually studied interior design.  Wink! 

We collect and arrange all the samples into a three dimensional swatch board that you can then photograph with your smart phone so as you shop, the samples are right there no matter where you are. 

From the WHAT to the HOW

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Room Recipe slides 1.jpg
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Once you have all the elements then it's time to make an implementation plan.  It's the "when to do what" part!

That's where my Seven Layers of Design comes into play. 

It's a system that literally revolutionized how one builds a room in super easy, sequential steps that will keep you on budget and out of overwhelm.  Rest assured, it's already been implemented by millions of my viewers and readers and is even part of some of the most important design school programs globally. 

In fact, I use the Seven Layers as a way to break down your consultation sessions as you need them, when you need them and only IF you need them. Remember, It's always your call because you're ALWAYS in the driver's seat. But let's say you just finished Layer 1 through 5 and just need either a refresher or a bit of hand holding before moving on to the next layer.  Easy.  You just book another session and together we review everything so far and get you ready to move on to the next layer with confidence.  How so not scary is that?  

Once you have all the sample images you need, you're ready to start your design project knowing I'm with you all the way...every step!  


Store Shopping 



Once you have all your information on your smartphone you're ready to hit the stores with confidence.  You should have a very clear vision of what you're looking for and more importantly, what you're NOT looking for--which is a huge money and timesaver.


Obviously, the exact fabric or accessory may not be in stock at the time you shop.  Even I can't control that.  However you now have an inventory of refrence photos to use as your guide.  The only exception will be the paint colors.  I use only Sherwin Williams.  They have the best interior colors in the business, which will always be in stock at their stores.  Plus they have a great, quick and easy color matching system as well. Since Layer number One: Paint And Architecture, begins the process anyway it's a great place to begin.  Color is, in fact, the number one fear of the do-it-yourselfer.  Well, once you sail through that first layer and begin to see real results, you'll feel so much more inspired and empowered. 


Remember all the samples in the Lifestyle lab actually came from your local stores already so there's a very good chance they'll still be there (or you can order them in-person or online) when you're ready "commit."  


But here's the good news, you get to have a real hand in the selection process since your job is to now find similar fabrics and elements that match as closely to the photo swatches as possible.  While doing this, your personal creativity is beginning to reemerge, which is the most important thing! 


If you have any questions I'm always there to guide you, review your choices and tweak if need be.  So you're never alone in the process. Just book another session if need be.  EASY! 

Room Recipe slides 1.jpg
Room Recipe slides 1.jpg

All Topic Design  Consultations

This is a general design consultation with me, Christopher Lowell.

You can talk about anything and everything under your roof.

As I said on the philosophy page​, these sessions are personal and private so you're free to truly talk about your lifestyle goals or home issues that impact the decisions you make or (have not made) thus far.  


After years of working with thousand of couples, women just starting out or unexpectedly in transition (and millions of viewers) no one knows better than me how very personal defining and redefining one's lifestyle truly can be.  Our goal is to create an environment that supports new dreams. 

The all topic Design Consulations are also ideal for those already mid-project, or those who are looking to solve specific problems like furniture placement, organization or the like.  NOTE: For those looking for a full room concept from scratch please see ROOM RECIPES (above)


Color Sculpting

Nothing can transform a space better than paint color.  Think of it like face makeup for the walls, because like cosmetics, it can enhance or disguise any feature. More importantly, the art of color sculpting (using several colors throughout a space) can visually stretch small environments or bring more intimacy to cavernous ones.  


Color sculpting is a process whereby, after we pick your wall colors, then, on site each color is called-out.  Meaning, exactly, which color goes where so you (or your professional painter) has what literally amounts to a paint-by-number schematic.


Color sculpting is most effective when dealing with multiple (often public) rooms that are visible to each other.  Breaking color evenly through out say, a kitchen, living room, den and dining room gives the entire floor a beautiful designer balance. One that makes all the difference in achieving a polished look and feel that's not only completely custom to your home, but feels far more visually connected and harmonious. Having designed many A-lister hotels, it's always been my secret designer trick that keeps guests coming back.


So this is a good way for us to partner your interior design process. (see above).


If you'd like to book a Color Sculpting for your home, use the form below.  Email me and let's Talk!  

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Upholstery for Interior

FORMAL Interior Design Services


Yes, I can, of course, provide conventional full service interior design services.

I know full well that there will always be those who just don’t have the time to do anything themselves.  Especially you high-powered workingwomen (and men) who are juggling a million things at a time, I totally get that. 


So absolutely, if I think we’re a good fit I will always consider doing the entire interior design or event project FOR you. But here’s the deal (and don't take this the wrong way) there has to be a trust factor there so that I get to have fun too!  Otherwise, it’s a total drag.  Honestly, at this stage in my life I’m just too old to deal with “crazy” and “paranoia” and second guessing throughout an entire project.  ---Way too time consuming.  I certainly don't mind all the hand holding up front.  It's very personal thing, for sure.  However, once we come up with an agreed concept and everything is spelled out with budgets approved, and everyone is happy.... then let me do my thing. Otherwise, I’ll teach you how to do it yourself.  Deal?  Speaking of which, I can also partner with you too. That way, you do part of it and I do the other part.  This works particularly well with what I call Color Sculpting. (see below) 

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