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What is Lifestyle Lab?

Using interior design as a focus to get in touch with your inherent personal creativity, Lifestyle Lab is a unique education-based, do-it-our-self, concept that allows you access to a top, experienced (and budget conscious) designer when you need one, and only as you need one.  It’s a straight hourly fee designed to give you an iron clad vision and resources so you simply can’t make a mistake.  No percentage mark ups, no open-ended billings, and best of all no judgments or intimidation factors that get you in too deep. 


We at Lifestyle Lab believe that being clever is far more important than being rich and makes for much better home environments you can really live in, day in and day out.   We believe that it’s not what you payed for it or where you bought it…but what you do with it that counts!

Why 'appointment only'?

At the start we’re open to the public by appointment only.  

But don’t feel intimidated.  It’s more about logistics than an “Exclusive” thing.   It allows me to book my time more effectively since I do many other projects.  AND, sadly and frankly it helps keep the “let’s meet a celebrity designer” factor to a minimum. More importantly it gives you the undivided (and private) attention you deserve.  


So many times, when trying to forge a new lifestyle for one’s self, everything always seems to come up for review.  How you’ve been living, how you thought you wanted to live, how you bring new people into your world, and how to let go of the things that no longer work?  In short, getting to the core of what quality of life means to you now, can get personal…very personal.  So, there’s no reason to feel like your taste or your budget or your considerations are ever going to be judged.  It’s your life and your home and it’s all about giving you a space that inspires you, every day no matter how unconventional it may be.


It’s about:  Creativity

…Using interior design as a focus to get in touch with your inherent personal creativity.


We as a culture continue to confuse “talent”, possessed by few, with personal creativity, accessible to every human being.  It’s part of our species’ make up.  We bring it with us as an antidote to the stress of being…well, human. Just like genetics that map our physical attributes, our personal creativity charts our level of wellbeing with just as much accuracy.   Problem is, it’s often buried under a mountain of social and personal fear which is its greatest inhibitor.  Where’s there’s fear, there is no creativity.  Period.   Sure, Lifestyle Lab it about helping you find your personal style, but that’s where everything suddenly comes up for review.  At Lifestyle Lab it’s also about getting you clear on how you really want to live NOW from what you know about you,TODAY.  Our consultations, classes and events are all designed to give you the courage to put your own quality of life first.  To begin to live the life you really want, not recreate a new version of a lifestyle that isn’t working in the first place.


It’s About: Sisterhood & Humanhood


...Connecting with others like you, who are ready to reinvent how they live, in a safe space, is empowering. 


It quiets the fear so that one’s indomitable creative spirit (that’s always been there, dormant) can finally come out to play.  Everything we do and teach is about connecting…not only with your true spirit, but the rekindled new spirit of others who are on the same voyage of discovery and reinvention as you are.  As I’ve traveled across this country, I’ve found that in older more remote communities, women especially, find them selves there, more because of work or a relationship, then by personal destination choice.  Often bright women with great capacity and work, find themselves isolated once they punch out. Many have seen more and experienced more than the local born and bred.   So, their needs are different, their interests more varied and therefore their life benchmarks and goals reflect that.  We I welcome you with open arms.  You are the new mentors that, if inspired, can band together and create the kind of sisterhood community you need no matter where you are.

It’s about: Confidence


...So that you’re spending your downtime moving forward with renewed energy and high self-esteem rather than full of fear-fueled doubt, or guilt…always forever second guessing yourself.


Women especially have histories of being the catalyst for other’s quality of life, more than their own.  So, they often have the skills but not the support or “permission” to work on their own quality of life issues.   I know, I’ve been a habitual “pleaser/peacemaker” too so I recognize the signs. Even for someone like me who has reinvented so many times, it has always been my rediscovering of my personal creativity that continues to saved me--even right up to creating Lifestyle Lab--here's my blog that tells that very story.  Anyway, re-engaging your personal creativity is a the secret weapon to personal transformation in the most enjoyable way possible. It can  happen for you if you let it.  You don't have to see a shrink and delve into the murky depths of psychology.  I've proven after a thousand hours of original television, that healing can also happen from the outside in, one creative gesture at a time.  




It’s about: Taking away the

fear of “choice”


...Often, it’s not about choices, but way too many choices.  We’re continually bombarded with them every time we enter a busy store or log online.  


Paint swatches, carpet samples, accessories are all screaming at us, re-enforcing to us what we already DON'T know--until too many options totally push us into overwhelm.  Worse, we tend to ask friends with no real experience that they think and then feel guilty of we don’t take their advice.  BIG no-no. As a result, we either make uninformed (and often expensive mistakes) or find that the choices ultimately aren’t ours because we caved.  OR even worse, we make no choice at all and things remain the same including our now, even lower self-esteem.  So, Lifestyle Lab is all about logically arriving at choices you can afford, actually live with AND that will endure the design test of time by staying “evergreen” for decades to come.


It’s about: Education

...Like anything else once you grab the concept, everything falls into place. 

If I can brag a little, my interior design philosophies have already been implemented with proven success by literally millions of my readers and viewers.  Everything in design implementation is broken down into my Seven Layers Of Design.  The bestselling book was reprinted several times and was the highest selling design book globally.  So, as I take a bow, I also share that the seven layers took me 6 years to go from 165 layers to simply a master number of seven sequential steps that totally make sense.  We have literally thousands of letters on file from everyday folks who tell us that The Seven Layers Of Design, completely changed how they’d forever approach a design project.  I’m honored to say that my Seven Layers are included as part of the curriculum in all five of the nation’s most prestigious design collages.  My point is, as I help you get your décor act together you can rest easy that you stand on the shoulders of many women who helped this man, who dared to dream, create a foolproof system that would one day become the centerpiece of a multi-Emmy nominated (and winning) national TV show. 

The facility



From the time you enter my lifestyle lab, you’ll visually learn and get inspired. It’s laid out in a specific sequence, so you don’t end up overwhelmed right off the bat. Rather then being bombarded with hundreds of samples and choices, I'm done all that pre-coordining for you so all you have to ask yourself is one question.  "What do I like?"  All fabrics and materials have been pre-vetted and made foolproof so you can trust that they're timeless and will be classic for years to come.  Best of all everything is available right in your local town. 

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