With over half the population finally starting the purging process, billions of square feet of self-storage is starting to be emptied, as Americans begin to shift their thinking.  With “quality of life” becoming the more central priority, the tonnage of stuff form old impulse-driven lives continues to flood the market.  While other's discards my no longer apply to their downsized life, they very well may apply to your new RightSIZED life.  Wait, better quality for far less, one-of-a-kind treasures for the discerning curator who’s creating an eclectic, signature lifestyle that adds nothing to the ecologic footprint…What’s not to like?  The more the concept of “intentional living” becomes the new chic, “thrift” starts to take on a whole new meaning. All I can say is,"Conventional retailers, watch out!" 


Click on the images below to get the skinny on my amazing shopping SCORES!   



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Tea table

This put-anywhere black tea table with the removable tray is only...wait for it..27 bucks at a local consignment shop. SCORE! At Sonoma Home, something like it goes for $300.