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Yummy Additions

Try serving this pie with whipped cream with a bit of sugar, vanilla, coca powder and orange zest added. You can also use the filling as a base to add nuts and even pieces of candy like Heath toffee or Butterfingers...etc.

host Notes

If you're wondering if you really need dessert when you're doing a yeah! Did you know it's what people remember the most and the longest? It doesn't have to be elaborate. Like this pie it's easy, make ahead. But don't be shy about just buying a really good butter pound cake, heat a readymade chocolate sauce and pour over the cake along with fresh raspberries and a dusting of powdered sugar....done!

I often like to set up a coffee and dessert station another room to get people up from the table and change the energy a bit---unless it's an AMAZING conversation. If the conversation is going south, getting everyone into another room is a great subject changer too. Phew! When you're ready for them to go, they're already closer to the front door!

If people ask if they can bring anything, a bottle of wine is always a good bet. If each guest brings one, it's a great budget buster. People usually get a better bottle than what they drink themselves and if it's not so good...well it's not your fault!

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