Why Rightsize? Why Now?.

MakeRoom for the life you really want NOW!

Food, as creativity, is love.

 Chances are if you landed here you're one of us 159.54 million other folks who've found ourselves suddenly searching for a new lifestyle model in just the past two years. That's huge. That's literally one out of every two people we know from every socioeconomic base in this country.  


So why are literally half of we Americans all doing the same thing at the same time?  Well, I've prepared a little slide show for you (below) to give you quick overview.  If it resonates, than RightSIZE UP may be a great starting point for you.

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The Better Way To Downsize

Upshot?You are SO NOT Alone

Why there's never been a better time to RightSIZE  

 Especially since the last presidential election, enough has changed on so many fronts of the American culture that more than half of the nation's very thoughtful, sane and yes, even right-wing folks have all intersected at the same crossroad. We're all asking the very same question, "what does quality of life really mean to me now?" 


In creating RightSIZE UP we spent over six years investigating where we're at now from all aspects; physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially.  We tracked the historical events that have influenced so many of us to go in search of new lifestyle options.


Because "quality of life" is now topic number one, many alternatives have surfaced. But, few of them, in my opinion, are really viable YET. At least not for so many of us who really don't want to start all over again. There's still just enough good about our lives that we want to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  


So, for the most part, our considerations are still very private.  After all, it's a bit awkward to talk about new lifestyle options with some people in our lives who (if we're gut honest)  might not actually be part of that new one.  OOPS!   If they do move forward with us, we want them to support a viable plan that makes a bit more sense than say, moving off grid or on the road in " Tiny Houses," like we're renegade elves or something.  


We still want our environments to be nice. They just don't have to be as big.  We've developed a taste for conveniences and yes basic (okay I'll say it) COMFORTS.  


Most of us have accepted that we'll be working for our entire lives but does it have to be at jobs where time invested for rewards back is so disproportional?  Are we working for healthcare benefits because the stress of unsatisfying work means we'll probably need them? 

RightSIZE UP starts the process of tangible, positive physical change so we're at least beginning the transition from the lives we don't want to be stuck in, to lifestyles we're finally ready for.  


The one thing of which I'm sure (because the facts don't lie) is that historically they'll never a better time to reinvent than RIGHT NOW which is why I'm doing the RightSIZE program right NOW.  


Below, I'll be posting blogs here on the topic. Some will be excerpts from the book others will be updates since things are changing moment to moment now.  Oh, and we do intend to once again offer workshops and restage the RightSIZE stage tour providing your further help and interest.  

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