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Christopher Lowell at the dsign board.


L&A was created as a specialty lifestyle division of Christopher Lowell Enterprises. Its goal is to provide smart design, turnkey merchandising programs, practical education and engaging infotainment to home centric companies looking to connect more intimately with today’s new consumer. L&A’s focus is to reduce anxiety at point of purchase by providing consumers with simple pre-coordinated lifestyle solutions that offer inspirational narratives that build confidence.  We design or curate to deliver collections with high perceived value at reasonable price points made foolproof by one of America’s most trusted lifestyle authorities…Christopher Lowell.     


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Lowell & Associates

Established in 1996. Los Angeles

After years as head of his own multi-media creative agency Christopher Lowell had a new idea for a media project using the home as an incubator for people to get in touch with their personal creativity.  His documentary based on the project landed him a relationship with Discovery Channel.  For the next decade, he would executive produce, co-write and host the daily groundbreaking series The Christopher Lowell Show which would dominate the how-to category in daytime television. The Emmy Award winning program reinvented the genre becoming the template for an entire new channel called HGTV. 


Lowell was the first to combine practical interior design education with humor, sound psychology, and inspirational motivation that became an appointment view for 11 million weekly viewers. His six best-selling books became a publishing game changer and his brand name became synonymous with his engaging “You can do it!" credo.  In fact, Lowell's profound impact on American audiences and the culture elicited U.S. News & World Report to dub him

"America’s Doctor Of Design."  

Profile on Lowell's cultural impact.

Thirty-years of creating & curating programs that offer premium perceived value with smart narratives that educate & solve lifestyle problems as they emerge. 



In 2004, Lowell launched his signature brand of over 3,000 pre-coordinated home products at major retailers. His ability to connect the dots between infotainment, education and commerce quickly turned his philosophy based merchandising concepts into a billion dollar brand.  

Today, Lowell continues to keep his hands in many aspects of marketing, private branding and consultation work geared towards developing new concepts, products and programming solutions for tomorrow's co-partnered home.

The first to pre-coordinate thousands of product across various top retailers.

Asking The Tough Questions

We've learned to never indulge artistically.  As we design, adapt, curate or re-context products, we're always working backwards from the end user's point of view asking critical questions to vet each and every item.


Is this something that will remain timeless and flexible enough to justify the investment?


In the hands of the amateur, will this collection or product easily integrate into everyday households?


Is this product solution-driven; solving modern, real lifestyle challenges? 


Is this collection luxurious enough for her, yet tailored enough for him?


Are there enough storylines, touch and talking points to help retailers position the products at the store level or online in an often "self-serve" environment?


Is the inherent lifestyle clearly defined and immediately identifiable on the page or in a busy store aisle?  


 Today it's no longer just about the "stuff". Consumers are savvy and no longer motivated strictly by impulse. To get them to open their wallets, retailers must build in multiple reasons to justify a purchase. 

Lowell's commercial clients and associations are diverse:  Home, fashion, beauty, haircare  hotels, home products, and multimedia productions


They have included:

Revlon, Framisi, National Lighting Association, Paul Mitchell, Office Depot,

Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft, 3-day Blinds, Smith + Noble, Flexteel Furniture, LA Summer Olympics, Surbert Theaters, Matrix Essentials: Biolage Direct Buy, FIDM: NYC, Procter & Gamble, May Company Stores, Sauder Furniture, Omni Hotels, Clarkson Potter, Bush Industries, Simplicity, New Hampshire BalletWilliams Sonoma, Shop NBC, Fine Living Channel, Morgan Ayers Men's Fashion, The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, The New York PostPK Kaufman/ Waverly  Fabrics, World Market Center, Omega Cabinets & Kitchens, Leisure Arts Publications, Mattel Toys, Rivr Media, House to Home Magazine, Burlington Coat Factory, Fayette Renaissance Group, Fitz and Floyd, Provona Spa, Groco Paint, Creative Nail, Discovery Channel, Scripps Howard Network, Atlanta Furniture Mart, The LA Times, The Fine Living Channel, Catalina Lighting, 44 Blue Productions. 

Michael brings to L&A the rare combination of both skilled artistic talents and the ability to develop and implement successful and compelling marketing and public relation strategies. His first hand knowledge in creating strong corporate identity programs have found him both in front and behind the camera as artistic director and head of marketing and communications for the past twenty-five years.


He offers our clients seamless platform integration often implementing comprehensive branding programs that increase name recognition, financial support, media coverage and even community awareness.


Over and above his multi-talents, perhaps his greatest value to us (and all who collaborate with him) is a strong yet intuitive leadership style. He offers a rare transparency that evokes loyalty that kindles inspired productivity and a sense of personal ownership within everyone who contributes to the projects he champions.


Michael is also on the board of

directors for our information

sharing think tank




"My on-going interaction with millions of everyday Americans has given me a rare insight into the personal dynamic of today’s transitioning households.

Gone are the traditional lifestyle mandates of the past as consumers now search for solutions that offer a better quality of life.


How this philosophy translates into product and personal effects is as much about the language and relationship as it is about the stuff itself.


Designing and curating home products and furnishings for every room of the home has given me a rigorous understanding of global multi-category manufacturing and retailing...but it's the

creating of tomorrow's new lifestyle essentials that offers me the kind of meaningful challenge I love."


Design & Curation



Lowell has designed 

in the following categories: 


Upholstered Furniture

Casual & Accent furniture

Case goods

Outdoor furniture

& Accessories

Office furniture

Office accessories

Rugs & carpeting

Home accessories


Wall art & framing

Kitchen cabinets,surfaces

& Hardware


Table linens


Artificial plants

Home designer fabrics

Outdoor fabrics

Bed Linens​

Top of the bed

Bath & accessories

Window treatments,

shades & blinds

Window hardware

Paint & Color


Gifts & candles 



Hair care

Theatrical set. costumes &



We can work in house

with your existing staff and/or

with your multiple preferred vendors to create, adapt or curate foolproof collections.  We build turnkey lifestyle programs that connect immediately and easily integrate into today’s American homes.  ​


If we’re not laughing together were not thinking together! We start with “Don’t you hate when that happens?”…then work backwards from there.  In the end, we’re all looking for the A-HA moment…solutions that make life a little less messy and a little more fun. 

 We offer cohesive anxiety-reducing instruction within everything the consumer sees and touches at point of purchase.  Lowell’s best-selling educational library offers more compelling reason to purchase because the narrative makes sense and the proven education (successfully implemented by millions) is solid.



Senior VP of Marketing & Communications 


That Reduces Purchasing


Sell Through


pre-coordinate entire


so consumers

simply can't make

a mistake. 

Books & Tools



Designing award winning

public spaces continues to enriched our ability

to understand how human-based interior design can

profoundly impact the emotional experience of an entire community.  Dealing with communal, multi-use, multi-gender spaces have greatly influenced what we now design for residential homes. It can offer solutions like the high traffic, flexibility issues that are becoming the residential "New Normal."


We designed The Shade Hotel from the dirt up along with most of its furnishings. While it has become an iconic meeting place for the Manhattan Beach.CA community it is also home for A-listers like Cameron Diaz and Brad Pitt.

Christopher later developed his hotel design into a top rated series for Fine Living/Scripps Howard called

Work That Room; From Hotel To Home


Whether developing a public co-brand or behind the scenes creating private label brands, Christopher Lowell offers partners an iconic yet pristine, transparent and respected brand association that’s rare in this social media age. His public identity continues to registers trust with a reputable voice that resonates in multiple platforms.  Lowell continues to exceed expectations while delivering the most reliable consumer bases with the most predictable expendable incomes.  

TV Series


Personal creativity is the most powerful catalyst for positive change. Self- empowerment begins under one’s own roof and the home is the ideal incubator for it.  


A Pristine


In addition to Christopher’s freelance directing projects, he’s developing a new groundbreaking program called RightSIZE UP!.  It’s an exciting fresh lifestyle web series designed to help viewers understand and embrace the newly emerging American lifestyle that places more emphasis on quality of life in an unpredictable political climate.  In addition to original new how-to programming RightSIZE UP! also features the return of the iconic Christopher Lowell Library.  It’s the first time the a-ha filled thousand hours of evergreen instructional infotainment has been seen in its entirety since it’s departure from network television in 2009.  For more: double click on the slideshow below.   

Christopher Lowell, A.K.A. Richard L Madden: Film Director
B 4 and Afters by Christopher Lowell




Format elements from The Christopher Lowell Show.

We’re proud to

have delivered

over a thousand

hours of

award winning


Iconic Impressions

Our goal in programming is to continue to spotlight viable lifestyle options, tools and companies that can give viewers a clearer vision of how they really want to live today.    

A new program by Christopher Lowell.

.SmartHOME lab is a new interactive web series in development. It allows visitors to interact live with lifestyle authorities and consumer advocates who test new products for tomorrows home.  


We’re about using visual marketing to re-connect consumer’s internal GPS to consider new lifestyle possibilities that make changing the one they’re living, worth it!   


A History With

Personal Creativity

For 25 years before his debut on national television, Christopher had quietly earned a unique corporate reputation as a creative and marketing visionary and “fixer.”  His uncanny understanding of consumer perception and ability to foretell the next media zeitgeist quickly became a secret weapon for many Fortune 500 companies. Using his intuitive skills and honed artistic design talents Lowell was called upon to conceive and direct projects that spanned everything from major productions in the American theater to global multi-media ad campaigns…many of which, have become iconic.  His ability to step seamlessly from one medium to the next defied being pigeonholed.


Throughout his career, Lowell also gained a reputation, as a mentor believing that teaching the power of personal creativity was an important part of his legacy.  In 1991, Christopher set his sights on teaching the creative process on a mass scale through television.  Today, whether as a spokesperson, on stage, in front or behind the camera or in the classroom, Christopher’s commitment to spreading the gospel of the power of personal creativity remains central in his life.     

CLP is a full service production company specializing in Home and Lifestyle cotent.
Lowell's intimate converational style has attracted million of diehard fans
Lowell On Stage
Christopher Lowell Campus Workshop: How to survive your talent.
Christopher Lowell Campus Workshop: How to survive your talent.

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