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Putting a trusted human face to home & lifestyle is vital for today's consumers & home-centric brands.

We use our production skills and lifestyle expertise to also offer our partnerships’ viewers knowledgeable, a-ha filled lifestyle content.  Christopher ability to entertain while putting worthy home products into asperational, achievable lifestyle contexts helps build confidence and creates loyal bonds.  


Creators of over

1,500 Hours

Of Award-winning lifestyle


Delivering smart lifestyle & design infotainment through media is an art we’ve perfected.


If it’s going to actually motivate viewers, it requires a delicate blend of approachable storytelling, easy, fluid and accurate writing and directing. But above all an empathic self-effacing style of humor that’s enclusive and human and therefore memorable



Answering The New Shift In Consumer's Thinking That Every Home-centric Company Should Know.


Why do 159.54 Million U.S. citizens say they are ready to reinvent?


Why, for over half the American population, is “Big no longer “better” and “More” now equates to “More Stress?”


What was the tipping point that caused the shift that now puts better quality of life over accumulated wealth?


Why is there still over 2.4 Billion Square Feet of Self-Storage in the U.S.?


Why is it easier for us to still pay for stuff we don’t want rather than Pay It Forward?

Our Hot New Focus In Lifestyle Content!

Lowell’s education systems on home design and the psychology behind his personal self-esteem building methods has even received  big thumbs up from Oprah Winfrey and her team at O Magazine 

In Development

Featuring the iconic, award-winning Christopher Lowell Library!

It's A Frank, Modern &

Compelling Lifestyle Series

For How We Really

Want To Live Now!

Fresh, interactive, Muitiplatform Web content

is a game changer that redefines the American Lifestyle from a whole new perspective, putting quality of life front and center.   

turns downsizing into a process of personal rediscovery.

It’s the culmination of an in-depth study on Americans forced to reprioritizes after an economic meltdown and now living in politically volatile times.  

also features the return of one of the most iconic million dollar Lifestyle Libraries ever created by one of America’s most trusted lifestyle authorities…Christopher Lowell,   

Click on slideshow box at (right) for a quick overview on Smart Home Lab pop up.

Click on slideshow box at left for a quick overview on Smart Home Lab pop up.

Click on slideshow box (right) for a more indepth look at The Smart Home Lab Series

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