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The Info-sharing Think Tank Network 

A Private Membership Organization

The American Lifestyle Is About To Enter The First Renaissance Since The Industrial Age 


We are moving beyond the cultural acceptance tipping point where physical human curation is about to change the very spiritual essence of who we are.  The individual lifestyle choices we make (good or bad) will be the most deliberate in our human history.  How we live now becomes the last, customizable vestige of personal independence.  Since the perfect storm (of divided politics, a worldwide pandemic and the re-questioning  of human rights, now more tan ever the conversation about individual quality of life (versus the social collective norm) is about to change everything!


Consortium POV is a not-for-profit division of Lowell & Associates. Along with Christopher Lowell Home and the parent company Lifestyle Lab.  We’re a private multi-media idea-sharing network of visionary home-centric lifestyle advisors, retailers, designers, manufacturers, influencers, performers and philosophers. 


Our common goal is to unite both industry and consumers behind important lifestyle alternatives more applicable in today’s economic and political environment.  We strive to bridge and merge conventional practices and concepts with more innovative programs that are helping to shape a better understanding of the shifting and complex variables that are contributing to a whole new American Lifestyle.  Today the concept of tomorrow’s home has to be more in sync with personal philosophy than ever before.

How we work


Sharing  Information With Full Transparency


Over the past years collecting remarkable data from experts, forecasters, artists and important influencers in every component of health and lifestyle, it’s helped shape a specific, compelling and achievable vision of what the new American lifestyle can and will look like in the very near future.

While a philosophical overview has already been compiled to soon educate mainstream consumers in the new book RightSIZE UP!, it’s vital that the detailed multiplatform industry data reach as many applicable home-centric companies as possible.


Because our goal is to get the right information into as many responsible and worthy hands as possible, we ask that you register with us first.  Tell us about your capabilities, projects or resources so we can effectively process you for membership in Consortium POV.   You will then be part of a humanitarian-based industry network dedicated to providing innovative new lifestyle options for today’s consumers. 


Thanks! Message sent.

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