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To answer to one of your most asked questions:  "Is intentional living like all those other lifestyle alternatives like "tiny" or other off-grid stuff?"

The answer no.  

Especially now when our quality of life has seemed so threatened, intentional living simply means being truly deliberate. That what you currently own actually serves the life you want NOW.  ---Not the life as it was years ago when you first started accumulating stuff. 

Only you can decide how many square feet you need to live in.  But before you do, take a look around at what you currently own.  Ask yourself if it's used often?  Does it give you joy? Does it make your living experience one where you feel calm, tranquil and even inspired? 

Letting go of things that have been in our lives is hard even when they're not good for us or are now basically useless.  But today, more than ever, we need to take stock and decide what's truly important to us. We need to see the tremendous power and courage it takes to live simply and with more authenticity.  We have to begin to make room for the new life we didn't think we'd get and that all starts with purging.  It's an emotional but doable process that done right can be more than liberating. It can be literally life changing.  To learn about the 7 layers of purging, go HERE. 

Meanwhile, take a look at a few examples of what others have done with very little square feet.

Rethinking Square Feet.

Living More Intentionally 

Isn't it time to live a richer, more stress free lifestyle? Small spaces can be wonderfully easy on your time and wallet.  Lock and leave and go see the world!  It takes courage to embrace simplicity but once you do, quality of life becomes amazing, deeper, more creative and far more manageable! 

 Intentional living

Thinking inside the "box".

Intentional living takes many forms and for a few trailblazers, the results can be quite ingenious.  It's not that I recommend Micro-Living for everyone, for sure, but I thought you might enjoy seeing how some folks have re-ordered very small footprints into rather chic spaces.


From recycled shipping containers to remodeled cottages, to some of the new kit homes now on the market, it proves that once one gets down to their true essentials, living small doesn't mean giving up aesthetics or comforts. Quite the opposite.  If you can't necessarily relate to the structures, still, note how little space one needs to have all the comforts of home, no matter how unusual (or funky chic) that may be. Also, note how "small", with the right floor plans, can feel quite big in its own way.  Even if some of these were simply vacation or part-time dwellings, I don't know about you but, I could envision escaping to some of these homes to recharge and be inspired. How about you?  Enjoy.    

It's not for everyone but... 

 One Room living

video with Christopher

So, here's a classic flash back and a segment I did years ago that takes a small room and with a bit of imagination, transforms an entire studio living space. When you think that this room was done way back in 2006, it's amazing how timeless it still looks.  

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