UPDATE : JUNE 10, 2020

Changing With The Times!...

U P  D A T E 

Hi Everybody, 

Below is the original press release and information about Lifestyle Lab as we knew it to be THEN.  You know, before COVID hit?

Well, obviously things changed for everyone although our intent for Lifestyle Lab has not.  It's always been about personal creativity.   


While we will in fact continue to explore doing the classes offered at some point (and in some form), we are turning our attentions to bigger issues.  In my recent blog, on the HOME PAGE, I explain the events that have unfolded since creating Lifestyle Lab.  


Simply Put...were at a moment in time where we've been presented with the opportunity to use Lifestyle Lab more fully, BUT, as a media headquarters. The goal is to do our best to spread the message of hope through reminding folks about the immense power of our personal creativity as the tool to quiet the fear that now surrounds us daily!  

Many of us have donated our time and creativity to having just filmed the first, 3 to 4-minute inspirational lifestyle segments, which can air WITHIN the body of news casts as actual news.  


Because, let's face it, there is no bigger news than the idea that only by getting busy, reigniting our often buried (but inherent) creatively, can we regain the core courage to find our "new Normal."   --Not one forced on us by COVID, but one which we can give us the opportunity to make new choices about, ourselves and our lives because of the COVID experience.  


Perhaps, without having been forced to hit the "pause" button, we may never have been reminded how precious life is.  Nor, how much we have forgotten about our inner creative heart light that, no matter how we try to pile-on fear, still pulse there, waiting for us, if we just fan the fires with a little love rather than hate.  


As a test, be are partnering with a major media consortium to get these (hopefully) inspirational and motivational spots on as many stations as possible.  Then, we'll see how they do.  


If they help and we get good responses from them, then we'll do as many as they'll let us..  But that will be up to the viewers. of course.  All we can do is put the tools out there in the universe and see where the light shines. Right? 

So stay tuned.  Meanwhile don't forget to sign up for more lifestyle Lab information so we can keep you all in the loop as things continue to unfold.

For many of you who we know, were looking forward to the in-person experience, our apologies.  Hopefully we can create an online forum for them in the upcoming future.  

Till then, we look forward to your continual support as we do our best to add a bit of "you can do it!" to a world that just might need it RIGHT NOW.





Emmy-Winning Trailblazer Christopher Lowell creates a new media platform to tell brand new stories about this American life. 


No question about it!  Life has changed, yet again. 

When lifestyle guru Christopher Lowell, left television many of his 11 million weekly viewers wondered why?  He was at the top of his game having changed the very how-too television landscape for forever. 

What they didn't know, was that life, in 2009 was about to change drastically.  The great economic crash loomed in the distance.  It foretold great hardship ahead for many of his already budget-challenged viewers.

By the time the last season of The Christopher Lowell Show would hit the airwaves, he knew all to well, that it would be right in the beginning stages where millions of Americans would be forced to self-reprioritize down to what their basic life essential really were.  While it now seems like a distant memory, then, it found people losing their homes due partly to predatory lending, fortunes being snatched away do to pyramid schemes and the once robust middle class family, suddenly moving into a single motel room.  

Lowell went to Discovery and politely asked to be let out of the remainder of his contract.  Since Lowell's groundbreaking decade on TV had exceeded their expectations and even won them their first ever, national daytime Emmy, they listened.

He said, "Gentleman, it's been an incredible run. However, it's inappropriate for me to be on TV talking about home design when a great percentage of my audience is loosing the very roof over their heads.  It's time to call it a day."  Discovery agreed.  

Leaving TV and Los Angeles in 2009, Lowell moved to New Mexico and created Consortium POV, a private membership-based lifestyle think tank to study what was to become a seismic shift in the American lifestyle post-economic crash. Data of which underpins his 7th book, RightSIZE UP!  


Lowell would continue working behind the scenes with other lifestyle-centric brands and as a media producer and director, he continued helping other companies tell their lifestyle stories--never imagining he'd ever return to TV again.  "I'd done over a thousand hours of original programming and covered every topic under one's roof that I possibly could," he says.  

Then COVID hit. Lowell immediately knew that the American lifestyle was about to drastically change yet, again.   

He knew that his signature platform about personal creativity was now even more relevant than ever before.  "In the end, it's the power of our inherent personal creativity that is the only thing that can untimely save us, strengthen our faith and help us regain some semblance of quality of life."


Thousands of his core audience agreed and urged him to inspire the next generation as he had, them.  


As the convergence of Black Lives Matter, #MeToo and the divisive political environment continue to mount, Lowell felt something had to be done.  After a bit of soul searching, Lifestyle Lab was born.

Its first project is Shop Safe with Christopher.  It's a multi targeted campaign designed to get busy and take advantage of being home bound in a more proactive way that can actually improve quality of life at a time that it seems most threatened.  

"Idol hands are, indeed, the devils workshop," he says.  "And why not use the time and our inherent creativity to be far more productive?  My goal is to give folks a bit of good news, embedded within local broadcasts as part of the real news cycle it should be.   3-5-minute segments are designed to give viewers classic design tips in the most entertaining way possible BEFORE they ever leave their homes.  That way their in-store exposure will be far more safe and limited."

Having developed a highly successful signature brand himself, Lowell was the first to to create a completely pre-coordinated line of home goods across multiple stores and retailers, He's therefore empathic to the plight of retailing, even in the best of times.

 "Also," he says, "This campaign's a way to help retailers keep their doors open and make messaging more politically-free to an already divided consumer base, In truth, it's not about sides, it's about safety," he declares.

"Hopefully," he continues,  "Advertising sponsorships associated with me, also helps all the local TV news stations generate a bit of capitol so that they can continue to give us the real facts, critical during these confusing and often abusive times. The war against fake news if expensive too!"

The segments will be budget-focused on how to really stretch our homes to accommodate far more activity then they were originally supposed to. Anyone having ever seen The Christopher Lowell show already knows that no one can make every inch count like he can.  --Especially on a limited budget.  It's probably why U.S. News & World Report dubbed him, "America's Design Doctor."  

As the campaign rolls out, Lifestyle Lab will continue to tell more educational based stories that can help average folks make better lifestyle choices in an increasingly complex climate. 

As Lowell says, in his inimitable self-effacing way, "It's nothing fancy. Just me and the viewer one-on-one, spending a bit of time together.  A few ah-ha moments, a bit of inspiration (and a giggle or two) in these volatile times can hopefully do a lot more motivational healing than people think."  




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