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Christopher Lowell at the dsign board.
Established in 1996. Los Angeles


In addition to our specialty product, marketing and original content divisions, time permitting; Christopher continues to make himself available for hands-on freelance projects through L&H DESIGNS. It encompasses all aspects of lifestyle to include: space design (both private & commercial) home redesign, RightSIZING, reprioritizing and even event planning.  Because of his schedule, he has to be selective in working with clients who he feels are truly ready for his services, and where an innate trust factor will assure that the experience will be addenda-free, mutually positive, productive and ultimately fun, interesting and empowering.  “Otherwise, “ says Lowell, “Why do it? For me it's not about prestige, self entitlement, or bragging rights.  It's about doing

meaningful work that has the potential to be life changing for those

I work with or who experience my work.” 



Redesigning a home that RightSIZES into the kind of lifestyle that specifically fits you to a T means arriving at a moment of clarity.  It then gives you the courage to re-think how you really want and need to live now, no matter how unconventional it may be perceived. Together we’ll arrive at: What elements should you carry forward and which are best simply left behind?  What are your new essentials now? Are you ready to tell the truth about how you honestly what to live today or are you simply trying to cram a too-big life into smaller square feet?   

It's not about what you spend, it's about re-curating a lifestyle that works specifically for how you really want to live NOW! 

Established in 1996. Los Angeles

Once a clear vision comes in to view, then the fun of discovery begins as together we create a clever, affordable, turnkey home that pampers, inspires and offers premium flexibility.  The goal is to arrive at a concept that allows you to live large with low maintenance and where everything you own is the best,  is use often or just makes you happy.  Remember it's not downsizing.  That’s a bummer.  You’re RightSIZING UP.  That’s exhilarating.  You’re not giving up a lifestyle you’re gaining a new and better one that puts quality of life first.   





Often someone experienced and objective can see how you live better then you can.  Christopher (known to millions as the design doctor) can re-find the pulse and within moments give a diagnosis and more importantly a cure.  What’s the most important is that you gain true insight and vision as to how your lifestyle could be. Lowell helps objectively and sensitively take what’s in your heart and shows you how to translate that abstract desire and feeling into a tangible 3-D interior that nourishes that matches your soul.    

Established in 1996. Los Angeles

Whether on the phone or in-person, Christopher can work his magic.  As many will attest, it’s the best hour they

ever spent, which not only inspired and

offered great clarity but also saved them

from costly mistakes.  


The number one fear of the do-it-yourselfer is color.  When it comes to paint color and built in surfaces, the process is even more anxiety-ridden since it’s on view for everyone to see.  Lowell’s color consultations are by far the most requested of all his services (both commercially and privately).  


He skillfully chooses background colors that are foolproof and very easily live with, calling color from room to room to room. He shows homeowners (or their professional painters) where to start and stop each color for maximum visual flow, space - to - space.  The right color mix can reshape and visually stretch any interior, change its mood entirely, disguise what isn’t working and amplify natural light. It can bring intimacy to dwarfing proportions and be the key 'binder' that makes everything you already own feel deliberate and cohesive.   He then can choose the complementary surfaces to remain ever-classic and timeless. His goal is to assure that everything chosen actually enhances home resell potentials rather than detract from them.    

Established in 1996. Los Angeles

COLOR & Surface




Established in 1996. Los Angeles


An essential part of lifestyle and quality of life enhancement is having the confidence to open your home and connect more intimately with others.  However even for experienced hosts and home cooks, the anxiety is still always there. Often one can feel like they’ve opened themselves up to self-imposed judgment when the experience should be orchestrated in a way where one remains calm and cool and able to be set the tone of being completely authentic and welcoming.   Lowell, a knowledgeable event and menu planner helps hosts with every detail to assure that the process of entertaining is foolproof.   So with everything ready for you to simply heat and serve, you’ll have as much fun as your guests and everyone will think you did it all yourself!   How so not scary is that?   

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Profile on Lowell's cultural impact.