UPDATE : JUNE 10, 2020

Changing With The Times!...

U P  D A T E 

Hi Everybody, 

Below is the original press release and information about Lifestyle Lab as we knew it to be THEN.  You know, before COVID hit?

Well, obviously things changed for everyone although our intent for Lifestyle Lab has not.  It's always been about personal creativity.   


While we will in fact continue to explore doing the classes offered at some point (and in some form), we are turning our attentions to bigger issues.  In my recent blog, on the HOME PAGE, I explain the events that have unfolded since creating Lifestyle Lab.  


Simply Put...were at a moment in time where we've been presented with the opportunity to use Lifestyle Lab more fully, BUT, as a media headquarters. The goal is to do our best to spread the message of hope through reminding folks about the immense power of our personal creativity as the tool to quiet the fear that now surrounds us daily!  

Many of us have donated our time and creativity to having just filmed the first, 3 to 4-minute inspirational lifestyle segments, which can air WITHIN the body of news casts as actual news.  


Because, let's face it, there is no bigger news than the idea that only by getting busy, reigniting our often buried (but inherent) creatively, can we regain the core courage to find our "new Normal."   --Not one forced on us by COVID, but one which we can give us the opportunity to make new choices about, ourselves and our lives because of the COVID experience.  


Perhaps, without having been forced to hit the "pause" button, we may never have been reminded how precious life is.  Nor, how much we have forgotten about our inner creative heart light that, no matter how we try to pile-on fear, still pulse there, waiting for us, if we just fan the fires with a little love rather than hate.  


As a test, be are partnering with a major media consortium to get these (hopefully) inspirational and motivational spots on as many stations as possible.  Then, we'll see how they do.  


If they help and we get good responses from them, then we'll do as many as they'll let us..  But that will be up to the viewers. of course.  All we can do is put the tools out there in the universe and see where the light shines. Right? 

So stay tuned.  Meanwhile don't forget to sign up for more lifestyle Lab information so we can keep you all in the loop as things continue to unfold.

For many of you who we know, were looking forward to the in-person experience, our apologies.  Hopefully we can create an online forum for them in the upcoming future.  

Till then, we look forward to your continual support as we do our best to add a bit of "you can do it!" to a world that just might need it RIGHT NOW.


Coming Soon to Grand Junction, Colorado


Emmy-Winning Trailblazer Christopher Lowell Brings His Lifestyle Lab To Grand Junction.


Have you ever embarked on (what you thought would be) a simple) home design project, then quickly found yourself in a busy store or online as thousands of paint colors, tiles, fabrics and home product choices pushed you over the edge and into total emotional overwhelm? Then you end up logging off or back in your car saying, “The hell with it?”   Well, no one gets the decorating fear factor better than Christopher Lowell who’s about to do something about it with his new Lifestyle Lab concept. 


Lifestyle guru Christopher Lowell has been a global destination mainstay for some 11 million weekly viewers who tuned in daily to Discovery Channel.   His infectious mix of self-effacing humor, ah-ha filled budget makeovers, compelling personal motivation and practical common sense, was the first to transform the entire how-to media landscape into must-see TV.  It would become the new industry template for all lifestyle programming to follow, including the birth of HGTV.  His completely pre-coordinated home boutiques turned conventional big box stores into stress-free, solution-driven shopping experiences that made home décor foolproof for even the most insecure.  His ability to connect and prove that now, any one really COULD do it, prompted U.S. News & World Report to proclaim Lowell… America’s Design Doctor.


Leaving TV and Los Angeles in 2009, Lowell moved to New Mexico and created Consortium POV, a private membership-based lifestyle think tank to study what was to become a seismic shift in the American lifestyle post-economic crash. Data of which underpins his 7th book, RightSIZE UP due to be released soon.  “Today literally one out of every two Americans are at a pivotal crossroads of life reinvention,” says Lowell.  The old social idea of accumulated wealth is now taking a back seat to the more personal desire for better quality of life.”


After spending a year spreading the RightSIZE UP message on nationwide lecture tours Lowell accepted an invitation to came to Grand Junction.  On closer inspection, Christopher observed that Grand Junction was a prototype macrocosm facing the same transitional growing pains that many such communities are experiencing.  “It happened to fit the multi-generational criteria and demographic to test new waters,” says Christopher. 




While Lifestyle Lab will act primarily as Lowell’s, private design and media studio it will also be open to the public, by appointment only.  “My goal is to incubate a new do-it-yourself, home design prototype with an online programming component. It allows everyday folks to book hourly sessions with a knowledgeable and empathic designer without the fear of intimidation or open-ended financial obligations that often make hiring a fulltime interior designer way to anxiety filled, or expensive for most people,” says Christopher.    



Customers can use the program as they need it, when they need it, with all decisions already carefully vetted by Lowell so they can actually do all the work themselves and move forward, at their own pace and budget, empowered with rekindled creativity and with confidence.   



“Think of it as hourly therapy but for design,” Lowell says. “Because frankly, when searching for one’s true lifestyle, astonishingly, everything comes up for review and it quickly gets just as personal.   So, exploring better quality of life options in a judgment-free safe-place with easy visual reference tools and pre-coordinated “Room Recipes” all from local sources, changes everything,” says Lowell.  



Unlike many interior designer’s “subjective opinions,” Lowell’s education philosophy has already been a globally proven phenomena.  His groundbreaking best-seller Christopher Lowell’s Seven Layers of Design has successfully been implemented by millions of readers and viewers, breaking down the design process into simple logical, sequential steps that anyone can understand. 


As Lowell continually re-enforces, “This should be fun because if you’re not laughing, you’re not learning. Unlike “talent” which is bestowed on few, my job it to reignite your inherent personal creativity which is accessible to every human.  If you can get up, put an outfit together, put your make up on and drive to work in busy traffic…you’re already overqualified to redesign your home to be a reflection of who you truly are no matter how unconventional."  


Spend a few minutes with Christopher and It’s easy to see why his TV show was the highest rated daytime program in Discovery Channels’ history.   


Lifestyle Lab is due to open in Grand Junction, Colorado in early spring 2020.

Lowell also plans be offer special lifestyle events along with classes in The Decretive Home Arts, Faux Finishing, Personal Creativity and RightSIZING: The right way to downsize.   As executive producer of over 1000 hours of national programming, Christopher will make the studio available for select field pieces and to create multi-platform content.


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