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RightSIZE UP by Christoher Lowell

If we "yearn" it's not for what we used to.  It's no longer about greater wealth, but deeper fulfillment.  Not for power over others, but control over the influences we now want to shape your lives. 

When revamping this site recently, I struggled about whether to leave this page up or not.  After one sucker punch after another in the past years we certainly don't need anymore reasons to fan the divisive fires that already plague this country.   One might even say that there's no place on a design site for anything political at all. And for the most part, I would agree other than the fact that literally anyone who knows me, knows I don't actually give a fig about "Politics".  However, my place within the "design community" has always been as much about the outside influences that effect our choices and how we live, as it is about interior design. From day one on Television, my goal was to help reduce fear so that one's personal creativity can come to the surfaces as the only true antidote to the stress that swirls around us.   


While the original manuscript was done in 2016, no one wanted to touch it unless I did a major edit job on it. No matter how well researched it was, it was early days.  While it would indeed prove to be an omen for things to come, at the time, it seemed absolutely incredulous.  That's of course why I wrote it in the first place with the help of many from my Consortium POV think tank.  

Yet, in the form below that allows visitors to receive notices of when the RightSIZE book would be available, well.....we've received not a few random inquiries, but an avalanche of them especially since COVID hit.   I'm talking thousands and thousands here!   This of course makes perfect sense to me, but continues to worry the publishing companies who printed all my books to which, they profited handsomely from.  

RightSIZE UP, is most assuredly about lifestyle at its core, but it's also about how that lifestyle is changing due to the increasing power of social media, the blurring of a society that has forgone the idea of establishing human boundaries and the errosion of truth in favor of that, which we seem to feel entitled too. This affects everything under our roof especially when families themselves are split as a result.  


So, the upshot is simply this.  I am already re-writing RightSIZE UP one more time.  It will now include what's happened recently.  I will release it once the dust has settled.  But in the meantime, I will be concentrating on our new Lifestyle Lab initiative.  While I'll never engage in party-line politics I am more than prepared to answer many of your questions, which are in fact, already included in RightSIZE UP!. So please feel free to talk candidly with me about how these outside influences are affecting your ability to make important lifestyle choices on my Viewer Mail segments.  

 Intentional LIVING 

Encrypted in everything you own is the key to unlocking your personal creativity and decoding your future wellbeing.


RightSIZE UP targets the 159.54 million Americans (that we know about) from every socioeconomic base in this country who've said they've privately contemplated a significant lifestyle change in just the past two years. Why?

RightSIZE UP doesn't just unravel that complex question. It offers a new, practical and life-reaffirming strategy that can hopefully supply enough motivation for millions of Americans to begin letting go of lifestyle aspects that (given a second pass) they'll discover bare little to no resemblance or relevance to the life they actually now.












It's no longer about maintaining everything; it's about re-curating the very best of it that still supports (versus sabotages) the clearer vision of a lifestyle we really do want...while not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


RightSIZE UP acknowledges but isn't about uncontrollable politics, interpretative new age philosophy, volatile Americonomics, global conservation and even home organization. In fact, it takes these detour triggers off the table since 50% of the whole U.S. population have already said they're so up to speed that they're already experiencing "enlightenment fatigue."  













RightSIZE UP offers a plausible narrative that initiates the individual creative and physical process of rediscovering who we essentially are by rethinking how we essentially live, what we own and why we have it.   



It's no longer about maintaining everything; it's about re-curating the very best of it that still supports (versus sabotages) the clearer vision of a lifestyle we really do want...while not throwing the baby out with the bathwater.


 Quick  History   

After many years as an educator followed by a decade producing and hosting over a thousand hours of original lifestyle programming for The Discovery Channel, I left television. It was for the sole purpose of tracking what I knew would be the most significant culturally shared experience in recent history. Certainly of my lifetime.


While I expected the economic crash to be financially devastating for millions of my viewers and readers, I also suspected that its lingering effects of imposed prioritizing would finally trigger the beginning of a long-overdue national dialogue about quality of life. Columbine, 9/11, Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth and governmental gridlock followed, creating all the earmarks of a pending historical shift. With social media now the first globally shared, intuitive technology, millions began sharing their personal stories instantly, transforming what was once a "silent majority" into what is now the most powerful collective voice on the planet. It only stood to reason that everything would come up for review as Americans now sharing the first, most comprehensive database, finally got the hang of curating their own information to now vet everything.














RightSIZE UP is the culmination of a seven-year study of where we are now at a pivotal juncture when a majority of a country's citizens are experiencing political, environmental, educational and enlightenment fatigue. While half the leading pundits will spin this in one direction, the other half of us see what are the first signs of a renaissance. A new age of heightened individual creativity, innovation, and greater human understanding. But first, Americans must let go of the antiquating lifestyles they thought they wanted, to make room for the lives they really want now. But how?


RightSIZE UP is the first gateway for millions of Americans to re-choose what the new essentials of their human footprints are now so they can start clean and finally customize a quality of life that better suits them individually. While so many are thinking the same thing at the same time, I'm  spreading the word louder than ever...right now because there's never been a better time to reinvent than...well RIGHT NOW.  

Join me!


Christopher Lowell

PS: When doing our field research people responed below are some of their most frequently asked questions.

 We're  NOT talking off thegrid 

Where there is fear, there is no creativity! So don't buy into it lighten up and get busy!

 OMG  update   

Since finishing the manuscript for RightSIZE UP, I was advised to hold the publishing date because I was too accurate for my own good!  See, my research predicted that while Americans were building their own online communities, they’d become far more embolden then government ever made them feel.


“This historically, always creates the perfect storm for tyranny and folks find their country is suddenly under siege---at the helm of divisive regimes.  This, according to history, is what initiates and triggers a renaissance which, by definition, is a moment when over half its citizens all wake up at the same time. But fear not this is actually a tipping point, which inadvertently also triggers future positive change.”    

My publishers felt this part of the book could be dicy since it clearly reflects where we are right now.  They asked me to remove any historical political references.  This is like asking one to write a cookbook without ever mentioning "food".   Not questioning the  status quo and living in fear is how bad things happen to good people.  This was a deal-breaker. Ultimately, after a long history with our publishers, me and my team decided to create this site and self publish RightSIZE UP as an evergreen reference for anyone looking to reinvent.  It's applicable at any time when quality of life is threatened and it's time for a lifestyle reboot!   

Since the election, the number of those looking to reinvent their lives and RightSIZE has now risen another 21% and counting.  Thanks Trump!


Thanks! Message sent.

"At our core, we humans want to feel connected. We want to know that our lives in some way have a purpose and that we somehow have a voice in shaping what that purpose is."                       Christopher  Lowell 

No Money is required.  This is simply a mailing for us to make sure we have enough copies and so we can let you know when RightSIZE UP will be available on Amazon,

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