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Emmy award

All Christopher Lowell Companies are committed to providing tangible resources and support for those in search of a better human experience and a greater quality of life. 



Our commitment to providing tools that make the unleashing of every human's inherent creativity easier is why we exist.

"At our core, we humans want to feel connected. We want to know that our lives in some way have a purpose and that we somehow have a voice in shaping what that purpose is."                                Christopher  Lowell 

For years, I've been honored to have played a hand in being part of the perpetual human transformation process for millions of Americans searching for their true voices. 


Hi, I'm Christopher Lowell.  My unique life journey as a teacher, creativity facilitator, artist, and designer has provided me with mountains of absolute and undeniable proof that constant reinvention is what we're here for. If that was not the case then we'd have never been given independent free will to make our own choices and then, so many years in which to test which ones work and which do not. 


We are continually looking for clearer tangible, courage-building solutions that can make the segue from the lives we're handed or the lives we thought we wanted into the lives we really want, easier.


On a mass scale, we've reached out through publishing and used national television on a daily basis to prove the power of positive change.


Through affordable home and product design, we supply the tools of change that rekindle the personal creativity inherent in each and every one of us. 


In media events, we try to spread the empowering news of transformation through infotainment both in theatrical and lecturer venues.   


We get off the path and into regional towns, communites and places where supportive transformational ideas and tools are far less accessible.


On college campuses, we're reaching out to students considering or in the mists of art, design and communication majors.  Their vital role in shaping what the new American lifestyle will look like is pivotal.  Through workshop think-tanks, were also helping them understand their new roles as influencers while offering them a glimpse of how a parallel creative life versus one only focused on "talent" can lead to fulfilling careers more within their control. 


With higher education institutions, we're using our community outreach show to put a spotlight on the important new humanitarian roles the arts will now play in tomorrow's culture.

Emmy award
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