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 Yes, this page may be about beds, linins, and the essential art of horizontal comfort but it’s also about peace of mind.  No matter how fluffy the duvet cover, how perfect the pillow or how ideal the mattress, if you’re head is full of fear, dread or anxiety even a horse tranquilizer won’t summons Mr. Sandman.

If we "yearn" it's not for what we used to.  It's no longer about greater wealth, but deeper fulfillment.  Not for power over others, but control over the influences we now want to shape your lives. 


Remember part of the RightSIZE philosophy and formula is that once you’re priorities are straight and you’ve purged yourself of all things that are no longer essential (including excess square footage) you can finally afford the very best of the new essentials as you move forward.  

Peaceof Mind thoughts

Trouble sleeping?  Peace of mind can seem so elusive in this day and age where information overload has brought so many of us to the brink of “enlightenment  fatigue.”  It’s harder to find the faith again when much of what we see around us is at its core, motivated by fear.   We don’t sleep when our head is full of dread or so much of our time is devoted to gaining approval from people who, in the end, aren’t there for us. We toss and turn when we’ve given others power over our very survival in jobs that aren’t fulfilling in the first place.  If that’s you then it’s time you join far more then half the population who are right there with you but who are doing something rather exciting about it.  Together we’re rethinking past choices and de-cluttering our lives by simplifying and reprioritizing.  We’re turning our lives from upside down to RightSIZE UP!  We’re putting peace of mind at the top of our list as we re-choose quality of life over what has been the norm.  I urge you to investigate RightSIZE UP.  If you can’t sleep, I’d rather it be out of empowered, productive excitement rather than worry.  You can do it! 


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