Stuff comes up! Tips to keep in mind as you start to purge. We often lose our objectivity about our

This applies to the stuff we collect around us, which often mirrors that life. It’s so easy to walk into someone else’s house and know right off the bat, what should stay and what should go because none of it is ours. With no emotional attachments, the decisions are obvious and easy. But when it’s our stuff, it’s a whole different ball game, isn’t it? Below are a few random subjects I hear a lot. I've addressed them in no particular order of importance. Why We don't purge We don’t purge when we’re suppose to, because that means, we have to actually decide if it’s still something pertinent to our lives. That then means we have to actually reconsider our lives! This for many is a big old can

Auditing Happine$$. I know it would be so handy to look at a fixed, and accurate budget to make your

While, at some point, it will get down to crunching hard dollars, trust me, there will never be a bottom line that will ever be enough to purchase the right frame of mind. This is something you’ll have to bring to the table yourself. If your only motivation is to live cheaper, that’s not enough. Sure. when you pare down to your physical essentials, it is without question, a cheaper lifestyle. Until you begin to understand the currency of the real intangibles, you’ll never reconcile the math. So that’s what I’ll concentrate on here. Happiness for sale First, let’s get your head in the right frame of mind. If you’re working backwards from what’s in your bank account, to decide how much "qu

RightSIZING Vs Downsizing. Downsizing is a bummer of a word.  It suggests that you’re about to sacri

To RightSIZE is a completely different and more positive act. It’s you telling yourself that you're going to shed the tonnage of stuff; that has robbed you of a kind of fluid mobility you really want now. Downsizing is often the frustrating logistical act of trying to cram a big unfocused life into smaller square footage. Whereas RightSIZING is the thoughtful process of living with only that which you love, frequently use or when gaze upon it, its being there moves and inspires. RightSIZING UP is a declarative act of liberation. Whereas, downsizing is a sorry affair that suggests that life is taking away your toys, without your permission. Downsizers keep stuff they may never use again fo

Reducing our physical footprint isn’t a prerequisite for living more intentionally; it’s more a resu

To know for sure requires some intentional inventorying. The rechoosing process is different for everyone but no less complex, yet ultimately rewards are the same. The process of moving towards more Intentional living is to re-choose what those new essentials are now. What leaks out, and what lifts up. The question is do all the things we still own today, have the same reason for being there as when we originally dragged them in under our roof? That’s a question that many haven’t asked themselves in a very long time. As a result, statistics show that approximately, 48% of what most people own, no longer has any direct relevance to the life they’re currently living and absolutely no relevan

The LowellDOWN on wise dwellings. They are those that actually feed one's soul. It's the pla

By now you've seen the words RightSIZE UP plastered in a lot of places here on the LowellHOME pages. That's because I'd have never stepped out of the shadows, where I love being and return back to the public eye had it not been for the remarkable 6 years I spent writing my latest (7th) guest it..RightSIZE UP. For awhile I'd entertained publishing the new book through the same traditional channels I'd always had. In fact, it was on many of those national booking signing tours where I'd been blessed to met so many of you. We held eachother's hands, hugged and told each other our stories. You all championed my years on TV trying to help you reconnect your personal creativity GPS

Mirror Magic...rather than focusing on wall art, mirrors are the small room's best friend. They

Blast From the Past Often as you RightSIZE into dwellings that will now allow you more personal freedom, less stress and a far better quality of life, something’s gotta give and that’s usually square feet. When adjusting to small spaces one has to develop an inventory of tricks…illusions that fool the eye and make you not miss the square physical footage you’ve gotten used to or, more to the point, took for granted. Nothing does this better than mirrors. They double everything you’ve now carefully re-curated for your new life. The can bring light over into dark corners and even give you the illusion that there’s an entire new room where one doesn’t even exist. The other wonderful thing abo

Thoughts on being a Hassle-Free Host. I always keep telling myself, "keep it simple stupid!&quo

The Hassle Fee Host was my only in-home entertaining book, but not by choice. Even though it was a best seller, people wanted me to decorate the kitchen rather then use it. Nevertheless, I have been a lifelong foodie long before there was a “food channel”. In fact, my early goal was to be a chef. While I’ve had the pleasure of learning and cooking with some of the country’s best, and planed many a party in my time, I’ve come to appreciate get-togethers that feel like they erupted out of nowhere. I’ve learned how to make dishes that can be done well in advance so by the time guests show up the food dishes are just heating up or better, on hold, in a nice clean kitchen. I’ve learned that it

Decor Friendly Phone Chargers Finally! You can put them anywhere, Yay

If you're like me, keeping my phone charged is a pain in the ass and I usually let the juice run out and find myselfe tethered to the charger line sitting on the floor screaming charge! FASTER!!!! Finally the smart phone chargers are getting smaller and more decor-friendly. These available at IKEA come in several colors and as you can see by the photos, are small enough to put multiples of them everywhere in the house. Yes. there are some cordless ones, but I've tried them and so far it's hit or miss if your phone is getting juice or NOT. Once you plug these dics in you just lay your phone dowe anywhere in the little sucker and you are charging Yay! I put them in several rooms so I can wan

Instant Room Within A Room. Make it your new home office or crafting station?

I love the idea of doing something completely different with an item then what was intended. Here's the Lott Bed Structure from Ikea. You assenble it yourself of course, but the basics, structure and kind of use is there. HOME OFFICE & Storage Think "a new home office" or tasking station (like a craft center, gift wrap station etc...). Just think outside the cardboard box it comes in. Right? So I'd use the desk as is, then outfit the drawer areas with Ikea's flat pullout baskets, maybe a cool drafting board lamp and a bulliten board on the small wall. A roll-awound file might also be nice. But above, I'd add more square decorative storage containers to keep all my supplies and records in.

It's never the GPS, it's the signal. In my years as a creativity facilitator, I've basic

There's no faking it on either side. (no pressure right?) The way each person accounts their breakthroughs always amaze me.In getting ready to start my new campus run, I went through thousands of such accountings and found some I'd forgotten about; one, in particular, I asked permission to share with you. In describing his own personal breakthrough this man wrote me the following: The only way I can describe the process was that it was like I'd bought this big screen TV that I'd wanted for a long time. I got it home took it out of the box and set it up on the table. But I couldn't get it to work. I kept plugging and replugging. I read the manual six times. I called the Sony people and learn

Living with less worry? I didn’t think it was possible. I’d been inherently frightened all my life.

I started my own career, as a child prodigy so I was out in the big bad world well before it was probably healthy. It did however give me an early and profound understanding that we come her alone from who knows where and leave here alone to more parts just as unknown. In short we are all total aliens to the miracle of human experience. We get no handbook. Naked with no ability to communicate and without even the opportunity to name or explain our selves everyone on the face of this earth starts from scratch with a physical DNA (no matter what race) that is 99.6% the same. So our fighting chance is equal in its absoluteness. We are therefore given free will to completely be responsible

Cool idea with sheets! Create a linen wardrobe of mix and match. More...

How about instead of investing in pattern sheets that could easily go out of style, or damage, invest in solid colors, which are timeless. However, rather than doing the whole bed in one color, mix and match using a color palette like the one below. After all you don't dress all in a single color, you coordinate right? Well do the same with your bed linens. Do the top sheet in one color, pillow cases in another two and the fitted sheet in yet another. If you choose a color scheme in advance of buying your sheet sets as any one element of them wares out or gets damaged all components remain interchangeable. That way you know that all the bed linens in your closet are mix and match for end

Bed Like A Bra. How many woman, thinking they got it right, fin

For some reason, we got it in our heads that we buy a mattress once and we’re good to go. As years pass, we spend the rest of our attention on the bed dressing rather then the support. We’ll turn the mattress MAYBE every spring but that’s about it. ​ Truth is, as grow and age, our bodies resting state changes and our stress points shift. Sleeping in the fetal position suddenly causes our hips to ache. Legs stacked one on top of the other starts getting uncomfortable. Sleeping on our backs suddenly makes breathing difficult. We have heartburn when once se didn’t. We toss and turn more than we ever have. We think all these things are simply part of the aging process. Frankly, some are bu

Your not just choosing a sofa, your picking what will be a new lifestyle essential as you reinvent.

How to shop for a sofa: Sofas are generally the largest and highest-ticket price in seating so decide up front: How long you want it the sofa last? This is key when looking at that price tag. Long term: Heirloom $995 to $1,500 and up Do you want to be able to reupholster the sofa at some future time? If so, then expect to pay more. A good well-made sofa that can be reupholstered must have a real wood frame versus composite fiberboard and should have fitted joints (or screwed and pinned) versus simply glued. Otherwise when stripped to the bare frame the frame itself will not be usable or so weak it’s not worth reupholstering because it won’t hold the new fabric nails and staples. Average Ter

Christine Lester...Gold Digger. From Parisian vintage to her famous all pink boudoir room, Christine

When I say Gold-digger, it’s not a slam, it’s the name of her shop and a clue to her infectious personality. I’d never have found the shop had I not been with another consignment addict, familiar with the area. My best buddy Michael, who also works with Lowell Home, knows every consignment and thrift shop worth getting out of the car for, from Grand Junction to Aspen. That’s saying a lot since he navigates a snazzy silver Jaguar like a space ship banking through the dwarfing mountains, ascending into the pastoral valleys and dive-bombing above the rolling hills dotted with livestock and church steeples and villages that look like electric train miniatures. I will soon discover that Michael'


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