Design: The Maker Movement: Another visible sign that Americans are embracing RightSIZE UP!

A new lifestyle trend finally hit print this month. It’s one that’s right on track with the RightSIZE UP movement’s timeline as we continue to make strides in putting quality of life first. It’s called The Maker Movement. Image: Interiors + Sources While The Maker Movement is new to us right now, it’s the same one that swept the nation before. The first time was during the industrial age, at the turn of the century. The movement hit again (to a smaller extent) in the 60’s. The early 19 hundreds were a time where new technology in manufacturing innovations spurred on a huge consumer appetite for all things machine made. In fact it had become such a craze that it literally saturated the cul

Just because it’s “OMG so cheap” doesn’t mean you actually need it!

Navigating the world of Thrift, Consignment and Flea! Once I’d committed to diving into the world of thrift, consignment and flea markets, for all the right reasons, I began to realize that what I’d learned RightSIZING came more into play there, than anywhere else. When the price is super cheap, compounded by the threat of knowing it won’t be there tomorrow the impulse-buy trigger shoots through the roof! So the good news is that with a focused eye you really can furnish an entire home elegantly, chicly and with a ton of character at a quarter of the price. The bad news is that the temptation to purchase with the thinking, “Well it’s so cheap, if I don’t like it, no big deal,” is why most

My voyage into re-nesting after an amazing RightZISE.

From a multi-million dollar estate in the Hollywood Hills, it took a charming little bungalow in a quiet Colorado town to help me re-find my soul. When I first began my book RightSIZE UP, I had a somewhat abstract idea of what quality of life really was--for me. Like millions of you, I'd done the meditations, I'd prayed to God, I exhausted myself trying to crack the inadvertent veneer that had accumulated around my heart. During my hyper, turbo-tasking career producing, writing and staring on-camera in hundreds of hours of original lifestyle programming for Discovery Channel, off camera, I found no real time to nourish myself. While I adored having the ability to dispense life-affirming in


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