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We all do it. We postpone, put off and habitually ignore. We then rationalize procrastination as everything but what it really is...apathy. We tell ourselves that it's because we don't have time, when in truth, we're the ones who regulate where we'll spend our hours. We tell ourselves that we don't know how, yet we're then ones who decide what we learn. We tell ourselves that it's uncomfortable when we know the truth that not doing something about it could, in the end, mutate into something even more damaging.

Procrastination is really us physical ignoring our soul talking to us. Sure it shows up in a lot of often mundane ways; like replacing the battery on our home smoke detectors or letting clutter build up in places where it shouldn't. We tell ourselves that it's laziness, then spend more time recriminating ourselves for it then it would take just to make the correction.

In truth, at the core of all procrastination is fear. Fear of making perfect choices, fear of change, and fear of facing truths about ourselves that our soul is trying to quietly point out where we're afraid to show up for our real selves.

It's one thing to want to hide from the world. It's a tricky place, and there are a lot of people in it who can do us harm. However, it's an altogether different caution to think we can hide from ourselves.

Procrastination starts as a simple nonjudgmental thought. It's us who, by ignoring it, turns it into a tug of war. We pit our sly minds against our humble soul thinking we can outsmart it. "I'll get to it when I can...when I know more. I'll face it when I have to; it's no big deal." Well, one procrastination doesn't mean much, but then we begin to do it by default and that's when it starts to cause some significant harm. When our minds continually tell our souls "NO," Our souls stop talking.

It's like any other relationship. When a communication wall gets erected between two people, they drift and eventually disconnect. Well, our soul and our minds are a relationship too. If we build a resistance wall between them, we feel more adrift and more disconnected then wonder why we suddenly feel lost, alone and cut off.

Next time you catch yourself procrastinating, use it as a tool. Rather than defaulting to the automatic mental "no." just ask your inner soul to show you where the fear is. You'll find something different happens. The inner you takes the physical you by hand and begins to lead you to your inherent creativity. It's through that creativity that problems start getting solved, and unique solutions are born.

Let the inner you do what it's supposed to by helping you to override the often inaccurate information you store in your head. Remember, your head is just you talking to you. It's your soul and spirit that has all the new information to depart if you'll let it.


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