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Hey All,

Boy what an amazing few months! After so many years of work developing the RightSIZE UP project, gathering and tracking all the ever-changing statistics about "us" it's been such an eye-opener and indeed a revelation first to me and now, thank God, to those in our workshops. To watch the RightSIZE UP program connect so profoundly has been a blessing, a gift and the culmination of a lifetime's work.

The conversation about "quality of life" continues to explode as so many (now 156+ million of us as a matter of fact) recognize that we're at a lifestyle crossroads. However, transitioning from lives that have become increasingly antiquated on so many fronts to lives we really want now, has been daunting and often such an emotional domino effect for those who've tried but without a clear vision have failed.

To watch our RightSIZE UP attendees mouths drop, as they "get it" so quickly has been astonishing, exciting and healing. I'd like to think it's because I took great care to sidestep all the often abstract "new-age" metaphysics that in the end has left so many with "enlightenment fatigue." Nothing wrong with it, it's just that, I think we all get that already but can't plug it into our real live/work/relationship equation no matter how much meditation we've tried.

In the end, it's about understanding how to reactivate our internal GPS so we can finally hear ourselves and remember who we really are. It's been such a joy being the "I.T. guy" again, reconnecting the creativity signal we bury under so much human "over-thinking spam." It's provided quite a bit of comic relief to the workshops and confirmed what I've always known; when you're not laughing you're not learning.

As many of you know, I've been teaching "creativity re-engagement" since, well FOREVER! First in the performing arts, then at an academic level, then in early open-enrollment workshops and finally to millions of you on TV (under the guise of home-improvement). This time, however, we now share the universal language thanks to the most intuitive computer technology on the planet which we all use instinctively, making these workshops so much easier to teach. Also, through social media, we've finally been able to share our personal stories free of our socioeconomic confines. What we've learned about us as a human species versus individual villagers, is so much of what RightSIZE UP is all about.

I've explained the whole thing in my new podcasts which I've been doing myself from the road which I hope to get better at between trains planes and automobiles. So I hope if you get a chance, you'll take a listen to at and pass them on!

Till then,

Thanks for your support and have a great rest of the week everybody.

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