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Living with less worry? I didn’t think it was possible. I’d been inherently frightened all my life.

I started my own career, as a child prodigy so I was out in the big bad world well before it was probably healthy. It did however give me an early and profound understanding that we come her alone from who knows where and leave here alone to more parts just as unknown. In short we are all total aliens to the miracle of human experience.

We get no handbook. Naked with no ability to communicate and without even the opportunity to name or explain our selves everyone on the face of this earth starts from scratch with a physical DNA (no matter what race) that is 99.6% the same. So our fighting chance is equal in its absoluteness. We are therefore given free will to completely be responsible for every one of our own decisions, choices and actions from our first cry. We just don’t know it.

Often by the time we do, we’re already buckled under the divisive mortal coil’s tonnage of race, creed and circumstances that all emanate from the raw and basic fear of survival. It’s the well-documented stock, trade and currency of all the societies we are born in to. Some are tribal, some are sophisticated and some are almost cult like. To whichever the case born, we are all subject to the manmade socioeconomic values agreed upon, designed as an attempt to create order out of ciaos. In short, it’s man’s way of determining village by village who gets stuff and who gets nothing, who gets to be boss and who gets to be slave.

It can all be very worrisome, complex, complicated and operatic in its elaborate proportions. So much so that our individual specie’s ability to exercise our inherent personal free will at any time, gets derailed or so manipulated that it really hurts our feelings, dismays us and ultimately stresses us all out and we feel alienated by them rather than remembering that being alien is the one thing we all have in common.

Fear beats us into a state of submission where the very thing genetically designed to help us cope with this rather Game Of Thrones existence, gets so buried that we can’t find the rescue tool box we all came here with in the first place. We’ve lost the first aid kit; the roadside flairs, the life raft and the emotional bandages needed to find the courage to get the hell outta Dodge. We’ve unplugged our inherent creativity.

Fear has severed the cord that transmits the spiritual signal, which is our human GPS and so where there is fear, there is no personal creativity. We therefore can’t dream or recognize possibility or see the thousands of alterative routes to finding personal joy. So, it’s not that we feel lost, we actually are!

We can’t find the unique key to the spiritual toolbox we brought with us, so we can’t find the backup faith cord and get reconnected back to our spiritual selves again. As default, we’d rather rely on our brains full of only the worry that we put there as a tracking device, rather than our hearts which keep the key to our joy and happiness and quality of life safe until we’re ready to put our big girl pants on and head inward. Why?

We’re too afraid that once we open that cellar door and journey down those steps, we’ll never find our way back. But back to where, to a place we’re already lost? No to a place that no matter how bad, at least feels somewhat familiar.

Rather then tracing our internal footsteps, we keep ourselves perpetually marooned by searching externally. We ask other humans (who can’t find their own keys) to help us find, in essence, ourselves, or worse we borrow keys, from humans who claim they have a universal one.

While we genetically my well be alike physically, we soon discover spiritually that no two are the same at all. This makes us sad and lonely because without our personal creativity we spend most of our time trying to fit in with other humans perchance to piggyback on their creativity rather then finding our own keys. Many of us honestly seeking truth looking outwardly to the sages who purport to have the universal key, sadly discover they don’t exist. So the last ray of hope clung too and even the very idea of rekindled faith gets sullied. So it’s not surprising that our research shows over 156 million (plus) American people say they suffer with enlightenment fatigue. When this happened we loose our only defense against the tyranny of fear.

So we give up when the whole time, the key to our individual happiness lay within each of us the entire time, now trapped by ourselves in our own toolboxes surround by mountains of fear. When this becomes status quo to enough people, history shows that over and over again fear wins and hate happens in great numbers. Physical wealth becomes the only solution as the ever-growing posse of people, wandering around searching blindly in angry packs swells then ultimately takes power.

If this sounds vaguely like where we are today, don’t worry. History also shows us that we’re right on schedule. Through adversity more people have gone inward than ever before. As a result, we’ve created a tipping point on several fronts that in the long run will foster positive change. This triggers what is referred to as a renaissance, which we are on the cusp of, and only happens when far more than half of the population all wakes up at the same time.

This is due to the positive aspects of social media where for the past decade, we have given each other courage by privately sharing our personal stories and championing one another to find our individual keys.

In fact we were so preoccupied with this that we forgot to guard our rights as citizens as we retreated deeper into our own virtual (often more transparent and truthful) worlds. As a result we allowed what we should not have, but it’s what always happens.

Positive outrage is mounting and history is being made and you are part of it. Positive outrage is historically the very catalyst that fosters creativity as fear gets redirected, people find their toolbox keys and through inadvertent activism quality of life suddenly “Trumps” the idea of accumulated wealth.

So let’s not worry about the life we don’t fit into. Instead take advantage of this historic moment in time to convert worry into excitement. Redirect it into reinventing a new life where ‘big’ is no longer better and by living within our means, through our rekindled personal creativity we get to be the first multi generation to live better than we ever have before. It’s just that this time, it’s not about interior design any more. It’s about Lifestyle where the quality of it comes first. When one rolls up one’s sleeves and embarks on the process of finally purging the old and dreaming and clarifying about the new, there is no time for worry, just discovery!

It took me six years of research for RightSIZE UP but when it was finished, so was my worry now replaced with the courage to finally put my one quality of life first.

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