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Decor Friendly Phone Chargers Finally! You can put them anywhere, Yay

If you're like me, keeping my phone charged is a pain in the ass and I usually let

the juice run out and find myselfe tethered to the charger line sitting on the floor screaming charge! FASTER!!!!

Put anywhere Phone Charger

Finally the smart phone chargers are getting smaller and more decor-friendly. These available at IKEA come in several colors and as you can see by the photos, are small enough to put multiples of them everywhere in the house.

Yes. there are some cordless ones, but I've tried them and so far it's hit or miss if your phone is getting juice or NOT. Once you plug these dics in you just lay your phone dowe anywhere in the little sucker and you are charging Yay!

I put them in several rooms so I can wander cordless while I yack away. Although I did think it was a drink coaster a few times LOL so best not to set them on tables if company is coming. But do have a few available for them if they need em. Don't forget the bathroom either. Can't tell you how many times I've rushed some one off the phone because the battery was almost dead and I wasn't ready to get up yet. I know TMI

Speaking of guests, don't forget to get them for the guest rooms too. You have no idea how appreciated it is.

If you've got a cool pick please sent it to me in an email (below) with a link to the web photo of it and I'll see that you get hugs from all of us!

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