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Instant Room Within A Room. Make it your new home office or crafting station?

Think outside this box: How about a home office?

I love the idea of doing something completely different with an item then what was intended.

Here's the Lott Bed Structure from Ikea. You assenble it yourself of course, but the basics, structure and kind of use is there.


Think "a new home office" or tasking station (like a craft center, gift wrap station etc...). Just think outside the cardboard box it comes in. Right?

So I'd use the desk as is, then outfit the drawer areas with Ikea's flat pullout baskets, maybe a cool drafting board lamp and a bulliten board on the small wall. A roll-awound file might also be nice.

But above, I'd add more square decorative storage containers to keep all my supplies and records in. If it's more long term overhead storage, then the stares leading up can be used as a place for books or photos or both so it doesn't look like a ladder.

Crafting task center

If it's a crafting/tasking area and the overhead is use for supplies (how cool is that) then you can use the steps to either show off your handiwork or put clear jars there to orginize all the little stuff like beads, buttons and well ok, bows...

Kitchen writing and pantry

I, on the otherhand, will be using mine in my kitchen, as a place to write these blogs and recipes. My jars will be filled with spices and pasta, and the overhead will be used for my oversized stock pots, fish poacher and that stupid bread maker that I never use but still can't part with.

If you've got a great idea send it to us on the contact below with a link to the website image.

Check back for more of my cool trick!

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