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LIFESTYLE's personal!

As cost of living escalates and the desire for accumulated wealth diminishes, a new kind of “thrift” consciousness is burgeoning but, in a whole new way. Unlike the coupon clipping, penny pinching, bulk shopping mentality of the past, the art of carful, personal curation is the next evolution in the personal branding process we’ve been doing through social media for the last decade.

While there will always be a need for the the holy trinity of Ikea, Target, Pottery Barn, today, it's not enough for the new appetite of personal customization. We're a bit tired of everything looking the same. If you walk into a home and you immediately know where everything comes from well...yawn!

Sure, for the basics, mass market is fine...if you shop well--even chic. But when it comes to interiors that really tell a story about you're a bit out of luck, until now.

As Americans finally begin to purge, literally billions of square feet of self-storage is about to flood the market with affordable treasures like we've never seen before. Imaging objects made by hand? Imaging seeing real wood and metals rather than composite materials we've gotten used to? As new, once collected global artifacts hit the streets, where are they going? Yep, consignment store and thrift shops.

As we begin to support these local business more upscale stores will continue to be a real regional mainstays. And why not? It's great for the environment because it's a whole new kind of recycling for that! It's a way to truly create interiors with one-of-a-kind charmers that no one else has. It's a way for us to bring our local personal branding from the virtual world into the real world. With it, a way to begin to have regional relationships with real people in our own communities who like and appreciate what we do.

As consignment grows and 'thrift' becomes a high art, we'll get better at shopping the sources as we start to understand that, unlike conventional retail, these stores work in a whole different way. Here you can interact, bargain and even make money off your own stuff all at the same time. Owners will get to know you and give you a call when something comes in that's right up your you get first crack at it by means of your new personal shopper. Love that too.

However, you will soon realize that the pressure is on when you know full well that the object you have your eye on, might not be there a week from now...or ever again! You'll get better at choosing stuff you really need and items that are really destine to actually be a new 'essential.' Just because it's cheaper still doesn't mean you actually need it, so buyer beware!

Keep checking back with us as we explore how to shop the new American retail!!!! Yay!

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