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Hi Everyone,

I’ve recently received so many notes from you all through the private website address. I’m doing my best to keep up and answer as many as I can.

Many have to do with the recent shootings…heartbreaking. The rest are about those in various phases of purging and RightSIZING their lifestyles, embolden to make personal changes at a time when our country is so divided and immobile.

As many who were around during the ten years I was on daily TV know, our show was global. In fact it was used by Discovery as a kind of “world peace” ambassadorial offering to the many countries where their shows aired. I mention this only because we as a team always felt so humbly blessed to be able to communicate with so many all over the world who were trying to make better lives for themselves. It gave us a unique and powerful perspective far beyond the American lens. It continually re-enforced how very much the same we humans are all over this planet…and why, I suppose I’ve received so many letters recently from all ethnicities trying to make sense of it all.

Among many of the resources I’ve tried to share, one very important eye-opener is the recent Netflix documentary called The Great Hack.

It’s only partly about politics, put into context of just one of the many tools being used to divide our planet through what is now the most valuable commodity on earth…data. --YOUR personal data, to be more precise. It’s now so valuable that the actual worth and value of it now exceeds petroleum oil.

I urge everyone to see this superbly researched and well-balanced production that will help explain what’s really at play and very much jives with the exhaustive 6-year research, which culminated in my own new book.

If you really care about what you believe and the core source accuracy of the information you inadvertently input, I highly recommend The Great Hack' as truly essential viewing for everyone on the planet.

Have a great weekend everyone!

More later,


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