Purging Phase 7: The Do-Over. Reshape & Rewrite.

Now you’re ready to make some real solid choices about who you were, versus who you now want to be. It’s time to begin letting you’re creativity open up even further now. Part of its blooming process comes with a new sense of empathy you’ve perhaps misplaced, faith you’ve lost (or felt abandoned by) and self-forgiveness you my have denied yourself (and as a result, others too). This new life can be anything you decide…as long as YOU and only you make the re-choose. Reinvention is about taking stock of what you clearly know didn’t work before, and leaving it in the past – often, along with the people who may have convinced you to stay where you were far too long. It’s true. Misery absolutely

Purging Phase Six: Reactivate & Re-choose: Finding Your Mo-jo.

Stuff for the new life....wait! What Life? By now, it’s like…you don’t need to tell me! I get it! Yep far more comes up in the purging process then we’d ever imagine. Bottom line: It’s actually not only about the stuff at all. Because what comes up the most, is fear. Not like, “Carrie and the bucket of blood,” kind of fear, no it’s an “Oh s**t, what am I actually doing this for?” Or, “I can’t face this right now.” Face what? Surprise! It’s not only the decision about what leaves and what goes forward in your life, it’s WHAT IS THAT LIFE? So, here’s the deal, you wouldn’t have even started the process if you knew, in that deep place, that you wanted a change. You just weren’t sure what


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