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Bed Like A Bra. How many woman, thinking they got it right, fin

Bed Like A Bra..the fit's kinda the same

For some reason, we got it in

our heads that we buy a mattress once and we’re good to go.

As years pass, we spend the rest of our attention on the bed dressing rather then the support. We’ll turn the mattress MAYBE every spring but that’s about it.

Truth is, as grow and age, our bodies resting state changes and our stress points shift. Sleeping in the fetal position suddenly causes our hips to ache. Legs stacked one on top of the other starts getting uncomfortable. Sleeping on our backs suddenly makes breathing difficult. We have heartburn when once se didn’t. We toss and turn more than we ever have. We think all these things are simply part of the aging process. Frankly, some are but often it’s because our mattress isn’t doing what it’s suppose to. Most of the time we’ve kept it so long that it’s as worn out as we are. (Sigh) No amount of dressing it up with pillow toppers and groovy sheets can compensate for the mattress support we need to get a decent night’s rest.

Often the idea of replacing it does cross our minds but usually only for a moment when we envision the expense or shopping and hauling a new one home.

Ironically we end up not sleeping well. That means our immune systems gets run down and before we know it, were taking medication we probably don’t need or paying medical expenses that are over-kill when in the end a new mattress would have now paid for itself many times over.

So what’s the best mattress? It’s an individual preference for sure since each and every one of us is built and ages differently, and sleeps uniquely.

Here’s my take on it:

If you’re in the 30 to 40 age bracket (or younger) and are is decent shape, you can easily get a good bed with no adjustment capabilities based on what you like. Experts say to favor on the side of a little firmer than your used to because not only is it better for your posture but it will better withstand normal, daily ware and tare.

After 40 the body really starts shifting and will continue to do so from then on. Therefore a better investment might be an adjustable bed where one can control both the firmness and the elevation accordingly.

There are an increasing number of these models that all accommodate normal linens, or deep-pocket sizes. I suggest that if you’re partnered, get the mattress style that has individual duel controls but share the same pillow topper. What you might need may be much different than you ‘significant other.’

Personally, I’m a big fan of the air type mattresses like say the Sleep Number line.

The air bladders can be continually and subtly adjusted and there’s never a worry about sagging or the annoying well that comes with sleeping in the same spot night after night.

What about Memory Foam?:

This is a preference. Personally, I find the ‘memory’ a bit claustrophobic myself but other’s swear by it. Just remember if you’re in extremely dry climates the foam can deteriorated over time. If you’re in an extremely humid climate there could be a slight sweating factor. I will say, the fact that someone on one side can move without affecting the person on the other side is nice, but just remember this has nothing to do with the personal body support issues or features.


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